Are these Acne Cream and Ghee Cream Really Meant For Our Skin Type

Are these Acne Cream and Ghee Cream Really Meant For Our Skin Type

"Natural" is where it began....Purity and purpose, the essence of PURE BY PRIYANKA
As a skincare brand, PBP has always been advocating purity and stands for everything and anything that brings nature and natural ingredients and methods for uplifting and transforming the skincare arena.
Our focus has always been to emphasize and revive our age-old beauty care techniques prevalent in ancient times, extensively in Ayurveda, and make it affordable and bring back to practice, as it is proven that it will go a long way, and a healthier way. 
In my last blog I shared my thoughts on the goodness of Ayurveda, and how it works wonderfully when merged with modern sciences. 
As I keep receiving numerous queries about the purity of products, use of green actives, preservatives etc. I decided to pick up two products from our range of skincare    products, every week, and will be sharing the  detailed  information, starting from the inspiration (in our case it's always the age-old techniques of Ayurveda), the purpose, the concept, and the procedure (whole process of formulation), till the final product is created.
As I chose Facial Ubtan and Glow Serum last week, today I am taking Acne Cream and Ghee cream from Purebypriyanka kitty.
So without much ado, let's begin.....
#Acne Cream - This one product has proved to be a big hit with all my dear clients who are going through this skin condition called ACNE. I can proudly say that IT IS THE STAR item from Purebypriyanka range of beauty products. 
I can't go ahead without mentioning here that having a skin with acne and following the skincare regime accordingly by choosing the right kind of products is not as simple as it may sound. One wrong product or action can lead to aggravation, to the extent of undergoing extreme pain due to inflammation.  
Therefore, keeping in mind all the minute aspects of this skin condition, a detailed study and subsequent procedure has been brought into practice, to create something that is going to provide ample nourishment and care for this skin condition.
The general thought is, that acne occurs to people having oily type of skin, hence one must not apply any kind of oil and avoid cream based moisturization. 
But this is not a valid thought, and no matter what, people having acne also need some form of moisturization, to nourish the skin.
There are some, particular ingredients which help in controlling and curing acne, like TEA-TREE OIL, KALAUNJI OIL and NEEM.
The role of Tea-Tree Oil is undisputable in treating acne, as it beautifully balances the skin's ph level, also a saviour from fungal and microbial growth. 
Kalaunji Oil is highly beneficial in suppressing inflammation on skin.
Neem again, unclogs the pores, controls inflammation and balances the redness on skin. 
The benefits of ALOVERA doesn't need any mention, and is highly recommended for this skin condition, hence the extracts of the same are also added, along-with neem pulp.
The use of SALICYLIC ACID proves to be helpful in controlling acne, and why ?
As it weakens the acne bacteria, cleansing the excess oil from pores and exfoliates the skin, preventing future breakouts.
It is therapeutically effective in soothing and calming the acne infected skin.
So, it goes without saying that this remarkable ingredient has to be there when it comes to acne.
It is a common knowledge that to design a cream based formulation, Shea or Cocoa Butter is used generally for sufficient moisturization and hydration. 
As I mentioned before, that it's essential for acne skin also to have some kind of moisturization, so while formulating this cream, a very less quantity of SHEA BUTTER is being added, keeping strictly in mind the accurate amount, because a percent less or more, is definitely going to spoil the desired benefits in the final product.
During the formulation procedure, Shea Butter is amalgamated with herbs, balancing it gently with Tea Tree and Kalaunji Oil, bringing the essence of all the ingredients, enhancing the potency as well.
Another ingredients which is supposed to act as a skin healer and protectant, by creating a barrier on skin, is PRO VIT B5. This also works towards fading acne spots and clearing and enhancing the skin tone and radiance. 
And lastly and most importantly, also suggested by dermatologists, is BENZOYL PEROXIDE, which is a known ingredient for fighting acne. 
All these ingredients are added, balancing with all the herbs, to make this one product perfectly ideal to cure and provide healthy and safe nourishment to acne prone and infected skin.
Hence, the outcome is a wonderful face moisturizing cream, which is greatly appreciated  and lovingly used by one and all, which serves my purpose of creating this beauty.
#Ghee cream - In Ayurveda, Ghee is known as GOLDEN ELIXIR, a goldmine of nutrients. It has got multiple benefits, in both ways, using on skin or consuming in our diet. 
Ghee has medicinal properties, and the right treatment of it, using the apt container when processing and storing is what makes it even more effective.
This Ghee cream is formulated exclusively, based on the ancient technique from Ayurveda. 
So let's know how the ingredients are procured and then the meticulous procedure is being carried out. 
The main ingredient is GHEE, which is made out of BUTTER. And here it is very important for my present as well as prospective users to know that the butter which is being used is specially made from GIR COW milk. 
We follow the typical, Indianised method of preparing ghee, which is churning the extracted cream (malai) from Gir cow milk, with the help of Mathani (wooden blender/churner used in Indian households) to get the final byproduct which is butter. 
This is a time-consuming task, and it takes almost 10-12 days, to prepare one batch of ghee cream.
Now after this procedure of collecting butter, it is transferred into a copper vessel and then the actual treatment begins. 
This technique is mentioned in ayurvedic scriptures, that how the ghee is being washed 100 times in a copper vessel, which is technically a fat splitting process. In this entire process, ghee (fat) comes in contact with water (liquid), and the copper particles from vessel, which reduces the size of fat granules. The multiple washes further helps in breaking ghee lipids into smaller particles, resulting in evaporation of typical smell of ghee and increasing the moisture content of this cream. The results that come out is a smooth, silky, deeply absorbing and non-greasy therapeutic topical cream. 
After undertaking this lengthy task, the final byproduct is then mixed with AVOCADO BUTTER and MANGO SEED BUTTER, adding herbs like SAFFRON (KESAR), and again cooked for a longer duration and kept for few days so that it leaves it's colour.
It is also worth mentioning here, that in this whole procedure, no actives and preservatives are added into it, and that is what makes it so exotic and pleasing.
This cream works beautifully on skin conditions like Dermatitis and Rosecea. It's ideal for dry, itchy, flaky, irritated and inflamed skin.
Alongwith with brightening the complexion, it has got medicinal properties which helps in soothing and calming the skin, providing purest of pure nourishment and care.
 So, this was all about these two finest creams from PBP range, and the whole idea behind sharing all the inputs, about ingredients and entire procedure is to make you all aware about how delicately, patiently and gently these products are being formulated, to revive our skin as well as our traditions.
With utmost care, there goes a great amount of love and passion to bring out something splendid which is going to give equally splendid results.
And now time for parting words, if you have still not tried any of these, go get your pick to not miss out on the goodness of these beauties.
As it's rightly quoted by great philosopher Aristotle :
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Lovely, to know the purity of yr products..Yr blog will be more enhancing if u can add some of tr preparation points of yr own ,Garima

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