Our Journey - Pure By Priyanka


Pure by Priyanka was founded by Ms. Priyanka Sarna, who was always driven about skincare and earthy ingredients. The love for beauty and skincare stemmed from looking at her Dadi (paternal grandmother), regularly fixing some home-based remedy for her grandchildren. Right since then, from mortar and pestles, to formulating her own range, she considers 'Myoho Pure by Priyanka' to be a really blessed experience.


Our sole objective is to help people benefit from the products remedially and achieve healthy skin and hair. Skincare, to many, comes as a huge task, but with 'Myoho' we diligently design each product to come out as a beneficial blend of earthy ingredients, easy to be incorporated into routines, ritualistically. Versatility of skin and hair type is what we focus on and work for. All of our skin and hair care line is handcrafted with most trustworthy and powerful ingredients. We follow FDA standards in the use of different ingredients in our formulations.


    At the age of 40, stepping out of her cocoon and aiming towards a career seemed too ambitious. But since then, this beautiful journey of developing a brand, giving people remedial products has been a blessed experience. Numerous exhibitions conducted, words spread, and then being promoted by the beautiful Shweta Vijay Nair, former Miss India and a lifestyle blogger, this turned out to be a brand.


    The initial work for Pure by Priyanka, in 2016, began from her kitchen. She formulated a couple of products and shared with her close family friends. Later, with increasing demands, she shifted to a bigger facility in Narela, Delhi which became her manufacturing unit.


Our brand name 'Myoho' was derived from the lotus sutra - Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo, which means 'to revive'. As a true believer and follower of the Buddhist practise, we focus on designing products that work towards reviving your skin and hair.