Loyalty Program

Our new Loyalty Program


What is a 'Myoho Coin'

Well, Consider Myoho Coins as a new currency on our website. There are many ways to earn Myoho Coins as listed below.

  • Like us on Facebook = 50 Myoho Coins
  • Follow us on Instagram = 50 Myoho Coins
  • Place an Order = 1 Myoho Coin for every Rs 1 spent.
  • Celebrate a birthday = 300 Myoho Coins
  • Re-Register/Signup = 100 Myoho Coins

Just make sure you complete the above tasks from your loyalty panel which you can find on the left bottom corner of the website as a 'Rewards' Button.

There are several ways to redeem these points as listed below.

  • 2000 Myoho Coins = 3% Off Coupon
  • 5000 Myoho Coins = 5% Off Coupon
  • 7000 Myoho Coins = 7% Off Coupon
  • 10000 Myoho Coins = ₹1,000 Off coupon

We will keep adding different ways to earn and redeem Myoho Coins over the period of time so, keep looking.

*These points are valid for 1 year.