Age Is Just A Number Game ( Beauty Is A Commitment Not A Miracle ) Part 2

Age Is Just A Number Game ( Beauty Is A Commitment Not A Miracle ) Part 2

Age fast, age slow, it's for you to decide.
Taking forward the topic of ageing, let's know some more about this process and the natural resources that are available to all, and how beautifully they can be incorporated in skincare to control ageing effects on skin.
As ageing is inevitable, and all of us go through a gradual process of changes coming on, in our skin as we age, which is mostly governed by our genes. And these kinds of changes that occur chronologically, due to degeneration of cells and tissues depending on the genetic constitution of the body, is called the INTRINSIC AGEING.
Acceptance of the fact that skin changes are bound to happen and over the time we all tend to loose the youthfulness of skin will lead to peace and ageing gracefully. As it is aptly quoted 
Therefore, using the right kind of products according to your skin type will definitely delay the effects of ageing.
At the same time, there are many of us who are a victim of premature ageing, which means the appearance of ageing signs on a much younger skin, chronologically.
This can happen due to various reasons, as I mentioned in my previous blogs many times, exposure to sun, health and lifestyle issues etc.
So before buying any anti-ageing skincare product make sure it's suited to your skin type. Checking the label, with following terms mentioned : 
Any of these ingredients in the formulation of a skincare product will work effectively in boosting collagen production, as a result delaying and controlling the ageing signs on skin.
As we know that collagen is the prime factor responsible for the quality of our skin, and it plays a vital role in skin revival after a certain age.
Now let's talk about some of PBP products which are formulated with utmost care, keeping in mind skin's requirements, providing ample nourishment by use of herbs and anti-ageing agents, helping in to maintain a healthy and youthful skin texture.
VIT.C - As Vit. C is the most effective source of boosting collagen production, and this serum is delicately formulated, along with the infusion of herbs like aloe vera, witch-hazel and jojoba oil, to give it a mild character. The sole purpose was to design it in a way that it's best suited for beginner's use also.
RETINOXX - This is a very effective product from PBP anti-ageing kit. The presence of Azelaic Acid turns it into an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial solution. This formulation encourages skin cell turnover, minimizing scarring and healing the skin of any kind of marks.
ANTI-AGEING CREAM - Again a product beautifully designed to counter age related skin issues like discoloration, wrinkles, dryness etc.
It consists of Alpha Arbutin, a naturally occurring compound found in plant sources such as mulberry, pomegranate etc. This is considered to be the most effective skin lightening and brightening and spot fading ingredient. It's super hydrating and gradually even tones the skin. It's beautifully merged with various other organic herbs to increase the potency of this anti-ageing cream.
As CERAMIDES are highly effective in controlling environmental damages to skin, locking the moisture and preventing from dullness and dryness, giving anti-ageing benefits. 
So, all creams of PBP contain Ceramides in their ingredients list.
HYALURONIC ACID is again an anti-ageing substance which provides extreme hydration, banishing fine lines, giving a youthful texture to skin.
A major quantity of our products have this magical ingredient in their compositions, and they are :
#Fruit Mist Tonic
#Red Toner
#Aloe Surge
#Glow Serum
#Morning Star Day Cream
#Dark Circle Cream
In addition to these, there are innumerous herbs and natural ingredients that work wonders for anti-ageing effects, like :
#Green-tea - Facial Ubtan
#Gotukola - Luxurious Elixir Gel and Vit.C
#Grape-seed oil - Sandalwood Mask
#Ghee (clarified butter) - Ghee cream
All these are excellent antioxidants, reduce inflammation, fight free radicals and even tones the skin, which is a wonderful and healthy way to control ageing signs.
So winding this up, I would say that ageing is a natural process, which should be embraced beautifully, and with grace. What should be taken care of is to protect oneself from premature ageing of skin, saving ourselves from unnecessary stress (physical, mental as well as emotional) and looking after our skin with pure love and genuine interest.
As the iconic lady, Coco Chanel rightly said,
 " You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest of your life."
So, get started and get going for the journey of being irresistible.
Stay happy, stay beautiful❤️ 
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Getting familiar with soo many technical names and very informative article. It is always advised to put products acc. To person’s skin type not what others are using. Some products might work beautifully but for major sensitive skin, it’s always advised to check the percentage and ingredients before applying on skin.
Always…. always use good products so that even if it don’t do miracle but it shouldn’t harm skin. Keep learning more about healthy skin and always study about products before applying it on skin/body.

saloni sharma

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