Age Is Just A Number Game ( Beauty Is A Commitment Not A Miracle )

Age Is Just A Number Game ( Beauty Is A Commitment Not A Miracle )

Ageing is a fact of life, looking your age is not.

So let's talk today about ageing and how it affects our skin.
To know more about this, firstly we should understand what is ageing ? And here it goes :
Ageing is a natural process that reflects all the changes taking place over the course of life. 
It means becoming older, physiologically, psychologically and socially.
A human body is ever dynamic, and with age comes changes in our body functions.
Starting from puberty, irrespective of gender, there happens numerous harmonal changes in one's body.
Likewise, in human lifespan, there are certain biological occurences due to which many bodily changes happen, such as reproductive system changes, menopause, harmonal imbalance due to health conditions (stress of any kind) etc.
All these occurrences leads to gradual transformation in our skin and appearance.
The effects of ageing on our skin become visible in mid thirties.
Technically, the onset of fine lines, wrinkles, skin discolouration, pigmentation, thinning of skin texture are all signs of ageing.
Loosening of skin around eyes, drooping of cheek apples, paleness in skin colour etc. are the major signs of ageing process.
Now comes the million dollar question, 
Can we stop skin ageing ?
The answer in literal terms is NO.
Our epidermis, the outer layer of skin starts changing with age, which is a natural phenomenon and each person has to go through it.
Nonetheless, one can delay or repair skin ageing, by improving one's quality of life by acquiring a healthy lifestyle.
It's all a matter of choice and efforts.
To have a better tomorrow, we have to start today.
Things that can slow down the skin ageing procedure are as follows :
Sun protection - we all need our dose of Vit.D from sun to keep our bones working smoothly, but dedicating the right hours for sun exposure (early morning) will do the works. Other than that, it's of utmost importance to use a good quality sunscreen during daytime.
Well-balanced diet - Eating nutritious food, consuming a diet rich in proteins and amino acids will enhance our skin's texture for sure in our later years.
Healthy habits - A life devoid of alcohol and smoking will definitely delay the skin ageing process, infact if these are into regular habits then it is surely going to affect skin's collagen, bringing in premature ageing of skin.
Physical activity - any form of exercise will ensure a good, healthy and young skin. Keep your body moving and keep your skin ageing immobile.
Use of right products - Choosing the right products, upgrading the products based on which age category one is in, incorporating such ingredients which will definitely going to help the skin retain its collagen, texture and glow for that particular age group, identifying skin conditions that comes with age, targetting the same by correct use of products is very important in controlling skin ageing issues.
After summing up these healthy habits let's understand that as much as ageing is a natural process, usage of natural products and ingredients that are available in the lap of mother nature, are always the safest and long-lasting, to counter age related skin issues.
Our ancient Indian science, AYURVEDA has such precious formulations in this respect, if only we put some trust and believe in our own, very effective traditional science treatments.
Ayurveda has the power to manage the skin ageing process in the most beautiful way.
The technique of RASAYANA, the age-old method of clearing up of energy channels through diet, activities and use of herbs is an excellent procedure to achieve mental as well as physical health, bringing in more vitality, more strength, inner as well as outer.
Some naturally available anti-ageing herbs that produce excellent results when incorporated in skin care regime (applying as well as consuming) are :
Tulsi (basil)
Haldi (turmeric)
Body massage, including facial massage is an age-old remedy to keep our skin youger even in later years of life.
When we age, the outer layer of our skin, the epidermis, starts leaving collagen, loosening our skin tissues.
Therefore, massaging generates oxygen in skin which is the biggest tool for collagen production, saving it from free-radical damage. It helps to tone skin tissues, as well as toning face and body muscles, keeping our skin healthy and young. 
Doing facial yoga religiously, once a day will do wonders to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
I have been frequently asked that can skin Collagen be improved ?
And my answer is yes.
Eating a healthy protein-rich diet after 40 will promote collagen production.
Also a diet rich in Vit. C and amino acids will also improve its quality.
Applying Vit. C and Retinol on skin also improves collagen.
Apart from all this, many people are opting for medical procedures to retain youth and target the signs of ageing.
There are different procedures for different purposes, like peel, botox, fillers, lazer etc.
In my opinion, these options do provide quick and visible results, but only for a certain time duration. 
These are short-term remedies, and when the duration is over, the skin starts returning to its natural state, rather giving a more unpleasant appearance and feel.
It's always advisable to go with the natural anti-ageing ways, than to apply something artificial which is in contrast to our actual age.
This is why it is said to age gracefully, than try to look younger artificially.
Lastly , I must share my thoughts on anti-ageing techniques, and that is to merge the wisdom of ancient Indian science of Ayurveda with the modern science of plant based active ingredients and create healthy and effective products, to achieve that beautiful, healthy and younger-looking skin.
Our PBP skincare range, consists of various products in the form of serums as well as creams, that has these age-old anti-ageing agents, the regular use of which will provide the maximum benefits in the long run.
Few examples are :
* Vit. C serum (Licorice, Gotukola and Green-tea)
* Glow Serum (Ashwagandha and Haldi)
* Swarn Prabha (Lodhra, Vetiver and Kashmiri Saffron)
These are all effective skin anti-ageing agents.
This again is a deep and vast topic, therefore, I will be taking forward this same topic in my next blog, discussing about various natural, anti-ageing herbs and ingredients, and how we at PBP have incorporated their goodness, merging them with modern active ingredients science, in our formulations, giving everlasting beauty and younger looking skin.
So, stay tuned for the next blog too, it is going to be really informative and interesting.
My idea is to provide wholesome, natural beauty through my skincare products and I strongly believe that the beauty of a woman with passing years only grows.
And that should be the purpose of buying authentic, pure skincare products, as it is rightly said,
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When you have a good skin i.e healthy it doesn’t mean putting layer of things on your face to make it shine or look younger with the help of chemicals. It is always internal care rather than doing artificial treatment. Well written Article. All the points are explained very nicely. Even all products recommend are ayurvedic and chemical free. Kudos

saloni sharma

Very informative and I’m using two products they are really amazing and I have seen a change from the time I have started using them vitamin c serum and glow serum are the products I was talking about
Love both the products

Pooja Singh

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