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All one needs to know about layering for oily skin in wintercare

All one needs to know about layering for oily skin in wintercare

Dec 26, 2021


Priyanka Sarna

Yes indeed......
And oftentimes we experience a moment, where our skin asks, 
What have you done for me lately ?
Moreso in winters, because we all tend to become a little lazy and step back, due to the extreme cold weather, and shun our daily skincare rituals, that proves extra detrimental for our skin health.
To top it all, we don't miss any chance to get that sunbath, to beat the chill, forgetting the after effects of strong rays of winter sun, and savour the most delectable eatables, which scores a little high when it comes to being on healthy food charts.
These days I am getting a lot of queries, by people having combination, oily and acne prone skin, for how to go about layering in this winter season.
And today I will be explaining all about the same....
It may come across a bit cliche to say that our wardrobe isn't the only thing we should be switching come winter, but that doesn't make it any less true.
Those lightweight moisturisers that worked out just fine in September, might not cut it, come December.
It is a common belief that combination and oily skin type doesn't get as affected by winters, as compared to dry skin.
But let me clear this, that it is just another myth.
And oily skin do require extra care in winters, as it also gets dehydrated and affected adversely by cold and harsh winter weather.
About layering, simple rule of thumb is to apply products from the thinnest consistency to the thickest.
The logic behind this is simple - thinner products (often water-based) are unable to pass through the thicker products (often oil-based).
Now let's begin the step by step procedure of layering for combination and oily skin type :
#Cleansing - Cleansing removes the dirt and dead skin cells. 
It is suggested to stick to your regular cleanser during winters also, but there's no denying the importance of double cleansing for this skin type as well.
And one should go for double cleansing as follows :
*First cleanse with a light-weight oil/Micellar water.
*Then use your skintype suitable face-wash/powder cleanser.
•PBP Aloevera Cucumber face-wash is best suited for oily and combination skin.
•PBP Illuminati & Luminous powder cleansers are suitable for this skin type.
#Toning - Hydration is just as important as moisturization and one can't afford to miss this second step, of toning.
Toning helps to balance the skin's ph, as well as fights environmental stressors, with it's anti-oxidant properties.
•PBP Green Tea toner is excellent for oily and combination skin type.
#Serum/Oil - As in my last blog, I mentioned the usefulness of serums, hence it is very beneficial to nourish your skin with these potent serums or oils which gets absorbed by skin quickly. 
In winters, smart pairing of ingredients is also necessary for effective layering.
To tackle flakiness, one can apply Vit. C serum, with Vit. E infused sunblock, in later step. 
Since both these ingredients, play off well with eachother, and not affecting the efficacy when mixed.
Likewise, if the skin is troubled by acne, it is always good to go with BHA based products, and if the skin lacks hydration, then AHA based products works beautifully to counter the dehydration.
If the skin's moisture is stripping off, one can use light-weight facial oils, even on oily and combination skin. 
A gentle massage by these nutritive oils quenches the hydration thirsty skin, soothes and provides much needed nourishment to the skin.
•PBP Enchantist Miracle Oil is a good example of one such effective product.
#Moisturization - Using a light-weight moisturiser is essential, as it locks in all the products that you have applied and aids your skin in soaking them up.
#Sun-block - Application of SPF is very essential, notwithstanding the fact whether it's a sunny or a cloudy day.
All skin-types require this one product, and oily and combination skin is no exception.
Water and Gel-based sunblocks safeguards the skin against the harsh sun, hence helping to control the acne or acne marks to get aggravated due to ultra-voilet rays.
#Lip balm - Cold weather can aggravate chapped lips, so make sure you use a thick layer of lip balm after every few hours.
Following these six steps, religiously, in your winter skincare rituals, everyday, is going to give excellent, healthy, nourished skin texture to all those having Oily and Combination skin types.
Apart from these, weekly once deep exfoliation and applying a good face mask/pack is going to show the positive results definitely.
So all one needs to do is be consistent and select the right kind of products, based on your skin type as per the ongoing season.
As it is rightly said :
And here's wishing all you beautiful people a Happy Holiday season.
Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and wishing you all a magnificent upcoming 2022 in advance, may the light of God showers on each one of us in this new year.....
See you all soon, in the brand new year that's just round the corner.

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