It's that time of the year, the time to celebrate another year accomplished, of growth, challenges, successes, highs and lows, in the journey of PUREBYPRIYANKA.
Five fulfilling years completed, and it's a sentimental moment, and today through my blog, I would like to share my emotions and thank each one of you, for every purchase, follow, referral, DM, share and feedback.
And also to welcome another year, with a grateful and curious heart, as I absolutely believe to celebrate what one has accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time one succeeds.
There's a mix of emotions in my heart, reminiscing the days when, and more importantly, how, we started, and reaching to where we are today, i can say it was a rollercoaster ride, based on faith, because when we take a rollercoaster ride, we are aware of the fact that this ride is going to shake us to bits, but there's also a degree of faith that transcends the fears and comfort us that all will be good, and it is going to be worth it.
Beginning as a startup, from our very own little kitchen at home, with a team of two people initially, completely unaware of the tricks of the trade. 
Being a Buddhist practitioner, it provided me the determination and firm belief to have faith in myself and my capability.
It was literally a hit and trial situation for me, and sometimes with complete confidence, and sometimes in lack of it, I anyhow, always moved ahead, as looking or stepping back was a non-existent option for me.
To be honest, I never expected that PUREBYPRIYANKA will come this far, from a team of four people, working only through hands for initial two years, starting from creating the formulations, procuring the ingredients, producing the final product, to bottling and packaging and selling, everything done manually, with total devotion and utter passion to bring out something unique, most natural and purest of pure in the beauty realm.
Today, on 5th anniversary, I can proudly say that we have accomplished innumerous milestones, which are worth mentioning, as it brings a sense of satisfaction and pride to see your hardwork bearing fruits.
It's a sheer blessing to switch to technology, for a smooth and non-messy process of formulating and manufacturing products.
The bigger achievement is that we could manage to afford to switch over, which made me understand to always remember, that the journey is sometimes more important than the destination.
It's a matter of tremendous delight and pride, that over the years, we have slogged really hard to build our customer relations through one on one interaction, resulting in the organic growth of 40k olus, ardent followers on Instagram page. 
And I must say that each one of you, is as dear to me as my baby, my brand, PUREBYPRIYANKA.
Your complete faith and honest feedback has always helped us to better ourselves and upgrade our quality and standards in all the aspects.
We constantly follow the feedback and one thing we really worked upon was our logo and packaging.
I am so proud of the expansion that has taken place, and starting with 5-6 products in our skincare range, today we have a complete range of Skin, hair and bodycare products.
Also my precious team, my most diligent staff, that is increasing with the passing years, and have been standing rock solid behind me.
As we all had faced hard times in last two years, going through this endless pandemic situation, things were as tough for us as it was for everyone.
In the first wave of Covid, in 2020, things turned out to be unexpected for our brand, and online shopping picked up gear and touched another level, proving beneficial for brands like us, in terms of bringing awareness and visibility, and Purebypriyanka gained recognition amongst people sitting in the comforts of their home and waiting for this pandemic to get over.
As it is rightly said, it's always good to see the small ray of light in darkness.
Hence, I am grateful for all those people who invested their trust during those tough times.
Then the year 2021 begin, and like everyone, we also were looking forward to future, with hope.
And I must confess that this year was really really taxing for us.
This wave had hit the country like nothing else, and I also went went through my share of emotional turmoil.
Managing myself, this year was more notable as we revamped our Instagram page, in spite of the monetary challenges.
But seeing my baby, in new avatar took away all the worries in the world and gave me new zest to keep moving ahead.
Along with that, the new product launches were the highlight of this year.
And without any doubts, I can claim that ALOE MOISTURE SURGE was the Rockstar in my skincare products this season.
People grabbed it with love, without giving a second thought.
Along with this, my other two newbies, Vit. C face mask and cleanser.
The amount of excitement and appreciation I received for these lovelies is unexplained.
Seeing our new innovations as a success gives a unique high, and today I am feeling more touched and overwhelmed when I look back. Despite all the chaos, this year has brought, it will not hold us to celebrate you, celebrate a stellar year, and celebrate the potential.
As very correctly quoted by Oprah Winfrey "The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate." Many things come as a baggage with success, but the biggest challenge is to live up to the expectations, or I can define it like this, that success works as a catalyst for raising expectations.
And again I would quote these lines "Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go."
Lastly I can say, that I am on this exhilarating journey, and there's still miles to go.......
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I love your products and have seen your hard work and the periodic introduction of new products has been very exciting for us too as customers. I learnt of your brand through Shweta Vijay Nair’s videos. Once I started using your products I became a fan for life. Best of luck to you and your team for greater success in the future Ma’m! God bless you always! 🙌

Shobhana Kapoor

Congratulations Pure by Priyanka
While reading your journey, I can definitely say, hard work always pay off.
Keep on doing greater work.

saloni sharma

Never have I ever felt this emotional while reading someone’s journey to success. Very rightly said, sometimes the journey is more exhilarating than the destination. In journeys like yours there is absolutely no destination, it’s a continuous process of faith and happiness that you instil in your customers. Proud is an understatement but it’s the best justice that words can do to my feelings. You guys rock! Many many more years of PUREBYPRIYANKA❤️

Arshia Madan

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