Monsoon Season & Skincare

Monsoon Season & Skincare

That time of the year when weather transforms from being hot and dry to humid and rainy.
As much as one finds joy in the drizzling raindrops, relishing seasonal delicacies, there is a downside to this endearing weather, which is a rise in bacterial and fungal growths and infections, and more so, our skin and hair condition going for a toss.
During this time of the year, the way  weather transforms, likewise the working of our body gets affected and transforms from inside too. Humidity leads to excessive sweating, hence making our body and skin dehydrated. This dehydration further gives rise to heat in our body.
In Ayurvedic scriptures, this fact is clearly mentioned about the five tattvas that constitute our body, and three doshas that emerge, based on these tattvas, and this weather creates an imbalance in functioning of the same, therefore affecting our skin, hair and overall body's working. 
Due to excessive humidity and sweat, our skin tends to fluctuate from being dry to oily, and oil to dry. The stuffy atmosphere produces extra oil on skin, attracting dust, dirt and bacteria, leading to outbreak of blackheads, pimples etc. and many more severe skin conditions.
Hence it is very important to balance and manage our body functioning, through appropriate diet, intake of water and other healthy fluids, physical workouts and proper and mandatory skin and haircare regime.
The most common concern during monsoon is that no matter how much skincare we do, still the complexion seems to be going one tone down, that is, it looks dull, with no sheen and a bit on darker side.
Also, because of the extra oil and sebum production, the products don't get absorbed by the skin, remains on surface level, therefore, not being able to penetrate the skin and do their job. This all gives an extremely oily texture to skin, and the sweat, further doing the harm, by wiping off the product and creating a weird mishmash kind of a layer on skin, blocking the pores, not letting it to breathe and gain oxygen for healthy appearance.
As I have been sharing the detailed information about two PureByPriyanka products every week, so this week, let's take up two of my favorites, which are absolutely apt to counter these skin concerns during monsoons.
#APRICOT AND DATE FRUIT SCRUB CUM PACK - As I mentioned above that there comes a dullness and darkness in skin complexion in monsoons, and this scrub cum pack will take care of this issue absolutely, beautifully and completely, as for no reason it is called a "facial in a box". It is of utmost relevance to use products on skin, depending on the weather. And this beauty is enriched with the purest form of fruit peels and nourishing herbs to brighten the skin in this weather.
Apricot is a great source of vitamins and minerals, and provides anti-ageing benefits for skin.
Being rich in Vitamin C, the regular use saves the skin from UV rays. The carotene content protects from sunburns.
The fruit vitamins helps in building collagen, which further boosts elasticity in skin. 
This fruit based scrub cum pack when incorporated regularly will reduce pigmentation, bringing a natural radiance on skin because if it's fruit vitamins.
Inclusion of dates make it more power-packed, as dates contain such nutrients that enhances the strength of subcutaneous tissue, which results in soft and smooth skin. 
The antioxidants present in dates keeps a check on free radicals, delaying fine lines and wrinkles.
All the fruits are hand pounded, infused with herbs, and then created in an exotic skin polisher, which brings a magnetic, instant radiance to the skin.
As much effective as this product is, it is also important to use it in the correct method, to avail the finest results, which i am explaining next :
•Apply a thin layer on the face, leaving it on for ten minutes.
•Next, with the help of a brush apply PBP luxurious elixir gel on top of it, for extra boost of hydration. Leave it on for a minute.
•Spray PBP Rosewater and let it sit for a couple of minutes.
•Finally, scrub the whole face area for 40-60 seconds in circular motion.
•Wash off with normal water and see the skin rejuvenated with goodness of fruits.
To counter the dullness, darkness and dead skin cells, specially in monsoons, a daily face massage is definitely a must do, which assuredly is going to show results and resolve this issue to a great extent.
Oftentimes we neglect this basic, but very essential and effective ritual in skincare.
Massage activates circulation, allowing oxygen to penetrate the skin cells, which further gives multiple benefits. 
The touch of hands on skin, the gentleness of strokes, the intention of caring for one's skin, creating and emanating the purest vibe of complete love and wellbeing of our most precious skin, with the finest of oils is what makes this ritual soothing and holistic treatment, for both, mind and the body.
This product by PBP, Swarnaprabha face oil is created to provide this spa kind of experience, when incorporated in everyday skincare regime. This oil is so full of goodness and tremendously rich in luxurious herbs and mix of oils.
This is based on the rarest of rare, ancient recipe of Ayurveda, for skin and complexion improvement.
The prime ingredients are Kashmiri Saffron, turmeric and Kumkumadi.
The entire procedure, gives this oil it's pure essence and the inclusion of herbs increases it's potency.
This again is a time consuming procedure, taking in days to produce this state of the art skincare product.
To start with, firstly Kashmiri Saffron (kesar) and Turmeric (haldi) is added in milk and cooked in slow heat, for a long duration. 
On one side this nourishing concoction is extracted from the milk after completing the boiling procedure, on the other side, various herbs like vetiver, licorice, lotus seed extracts etc. are mixed with kumkumadi oil, rice bran oil and argon oil, and kept for few days to create another concoction, and then both are mixed together, to get an amazing blend of facial oil, which is sure shot in improving the complexion and texture of skin.
The Saffron used in this oil plays a major role, as it is of the best and highest quality, plus the complete aroma with kumkumadi brings a heavenly experience to the senses, activating the nerves and also enhancing the skin texture.
Skin benefits of turmeric are well-known, as it works in clearing the complexion, healing and fading the marks and scars.
Kumkumadi is a brilliant emollient, that nourishes by penetrating the skin from deep within. 
It also clears the complexion and resurfaces the skin texture.
Kashmiri Saffron acts as a good sun protector, reduces hyper pigmentation and fights inflammations.
All other herbs works towards balancing the sebum production, tightening the pores, maintaining pH balance of skin, reducing inflammations and brightening the skin tone.
Vetiver is known for calming the body and mind, along with curing acne.
Argon oil, again, is super beneficial for all skin types.
Therefore, this oil is blessed with such effective ingredients, making it apt for all skin types, providing ample hydration, nourishment and improving the skin texture and clarity.
So my recommendation for this rainy weather, go for these two lovelies, perfect for this season.
Little effort will bring big rewards, when it comes to skincare, as the constitution of these power-packed products will itself works it's magic on skin. You just have to apply it.
As it is rightly said, rainy days should be spent at home with a cup of tea and a good book.
So enjoy rainy days and have a good skin day.
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