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Ayurveda with modern science blog


Fusion of Ayurveda and Modern Science....
is the bottom line of creating PBP products.
Today I am taking this topic which is very close to my heart, and is the sole reason that pushed me to create and come up with my own skincare range, which is formulated on the basis of this aspect of our very own, ancient Indian culture.
Most of us are kind of, more or less, aware about how useful, safe and effective any remedy is, which has it's origin from Ayurveda.
As Indians we are blessed with this great privilege, of possessing this virtuous science of gaining perfect health and wellbeing, in the most natural and holistic way.
To begin with, let's understand the technicality of this traditional science :
* Ayurveda is the knowledge of life and longevity, emphasizing on maintaining balance among the five elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether, and also identifying the three dominant Doshas - Kapha, Pitta and Vata, which further attributes to twenty gunas in human body and mind.
"In simple words, Ayurveda is simply the science of understanding your own unique self and being who you are meant to be."
Now coming to modern science, with the evolution of civilization, came the advent of technology which facilitated comfort, luxury and upgradation of human life, in all the spheres. 
There is no denying the fact that modern science has made our lives easier and better, with new inventions, researches and theories.
Now the beauty of all this is, the amalgamation of both the traditional and modern science, bringing out the most astounding results, specifically when it comes to sustainable beauty and skincare products.
As Ayurveda is solely based on the use of natural herbs to counter any kind of condition, it is really a delight to know how different herbs, which are abundantly present in the lap of mother nature, combined with the green active ingredients and chemicals that are a gift of modern science and proved to be completely safe to be incorporated, can work miraculously to beautify the skin, hair and overall constitution of a human being.
Apart from herbs, the whole procedure, the recipe of creating a concoction, paste or pack, is what gives the essence and increase in effectiveness of the same herb. The kind of metal (vessel) being used while preparing and storing the final product also adds potency to any final product.  
Let's take up few herbs and know their properties and how they are being incorporated in creating PBP's two most beautifully crafted products, making them more effective and powerful. 
GLOW SERUM - The entire procedure that goes behind creating this incredible serum that enhances the texture of skin, by bringing glow, clarity, luminosity and moisture to the skin is a tedious work of great patience, time-consuming and meticulous attention. 
This magical potion is created by adding herbs like kumkumadi, saffron, manjishtha, nagkesar and dry flowers into 
100 liters of demineralized water, boiling it, till it reduces to half. Now in this concoction we add ghee, and again put it for boiling and reducing to further half of the quantity. After this procedure, the initial bunch of herbs are strained out and a new bunch is added, and stored in copper vessels for two days. Then this heavenly smelling potion is blended with licorice, hyaluronic acid, kumkumadi oil and honey, and the final product comes out.
This procedure is derived from an ancient ayurvedic recipe and the results of this serum are evident, for everyone to see.
As mother nature has it's own way of functioning, one cannot manipulate with it's natural creations, and it so happens that a lot of factors like fragrance, color and texture of final product depends on the crop or the source ingredient. The color of honey, manjishtha and such other ingredients vary each time, and so is the color of serum. Though, the properties and the effectiveness of the serum stays intact, but with every new lot there might be some variation in the color. 
All the herbs used in preparing this serum like saffron, manjishtha etc. are known for their brightening properties, reducing pigmentation, bringing down inflammation and giving a soothing and calming effect on skin. 
Facial Ubtan - Since ages, according to Ayurveda, it is always emphasized to use a homemade ubtan based on a person's dosha, and regarded as a sacred ayurvedic cosmetic, having healing properties. Mixing herbs and oils, ubtans were always prevalent to cleanse the face, taking ample care of the skin. 
Hence, without this one product, our kitty of skincare products wouldn't have been complete.
Keeping in mind the ancient formula, PBP facial ubtan is created by mixing numerous herbs, oils and other ingredients, like beans and legumes, which are then coarsely grounded and converted into a powder form, which can then be used as an ubtan.
The herbs like neem which is considered as sarva nivarana (cure for all), manjishtha ( brightening, anti-inflammatory and anti-pigmentation), rose petals and oil (bringing fragrance and having cooling properties, a good quality rose oil, which is quite exotic and expensive, and one can guess the exclusivity just by knowing that few kilos of roses are required to produce just a millimeter of rose oil), azuki beans (perfect exfoliator, has natural foaming agent called saponin, which helps clear the pores), multani mitti, turmeric, masoor dal, moong beans, gram flour, cinnamon, orange peel powder etc. are just a few ingredients that constitutes our facial ubtan.
The goodness of each ingredient makes it a power-packed remedial product to ward off suntan, blocked pores, dryness and dullness, brightening the complexion.
In olden times, life was more simpler, easy and slow paced, when people had time to devote in preparing these painstakingly time consuming recipes to enhance their beauty. But with changing times, the pace of life also changed, and in today's fast moving, less-time kind of a lifestyle, everyone looks for a readily available, over the counter product, having the purity, natural ingredients and age-old effective techniques.
My purpose was to provide the same, the goodness of Ayurveda, along with the benefits of modern science, providing a larger shelf-life and authenticity, making my products purely safe and effective.
Now I have touched upon this topic, I will be covering some of my other skincare range products in my upcoming blogs, telling you the secrets and procedures behind their formulations and ingredients.
I hope it will bring more awareness about our evergreen, age-old Ayurveda and how we are making optimum use of it in making something pure and natural, balancing the five senses and providing the best natural care.
It's just a small effort from my side to help revive our traditional, deep-rooted cultural techniques of Ayurveda, as it is rightly said :
" To follow our bliss and dive deeply into the mysteries of fragrance, color and taste, blend with the magnificent diversity of mother nature, and follow the inner signs to become aware of who we really are."
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