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Babycare range blog

Pure by Priyanka, known as a natural skincare brand, started with few products pertaining to beautify skin, especially the face and also fixing facial skin issues. 
Slowly the range of products increased, and some more bodycare products got introduced, taking in account the wellness and improvement of overall body.
Then came the Haircare, embraced wholeheartedly by all PBP users.
And after covering almost all the aspects of skin and bodycare, there started pouring in fresh demands, for something which is completely separate, and totally new for us, but it turned out to be as much needed, and asked for.
In the past few months, I have been asked, requested and approached by my loyal customers, to bring a babycare range, which should be as natural, effective and safe, as my other range of products.
It was my sheer blessing, that people showed so much of trust and belief in my brand that they are ready to indulge if I come up with something for their precious little ones. Seeing the popular demand, I contemplated the thought, because it's easier said than done, more so coming up with a whole range for babies is a huge responsibility.
After meticulous study and research, I decided to delve into it, because it came straight from my heart that, yes, PBP must launch it's BABYCARE range, and here we go......
My thoughts are, that a newborn is the beginning of all things new, starting with being new parents, new bonding, new life and new routine. There's nothing as delicate as a precious newborn....
And hence we call it baby soft, as there's nothing more fragile, pure and pristine as a baby's skin. 
Raising up an infant is a fulfilling experience for the new mother, learning and acquiring skills to meet all the needs of the baby in the most purest and healthiest way. 
A baby's skin is extremely fine, and as thin as half of an adult skin, during initial six months, with frequent washing and cleaning of baby's face and body, skin tends to become dry and at times leaving irritable, concerning rashes. Awareness is the key, to bring up a child, and see them grow in each moment, in the most natural, healthy and safe way, is every parent's desire.
Hygiene is of utmost concern.
Therefore, keeping all the delicate aspects in mind, our babycare products are formulated to provide purest of pure and wholesome nourishment for a baby's skin.
Bathing a baby is a ritual extremely enjoyable, both by mother as well as the child.
* So here's presenting a SHAMPOO CUM BODY WASH for your precious little ones, which not only cleanses the delicate and soft hair and skin of the baby, but also keep the natural moisture intact and hydrated. It's NO TEAR FORMULA allows the baby to indulge in playful bath time, creating a loving and deep bond between the mother and the child.
Keeping in mind the sensitivity of a new born, it gently lifts up the dirt from the scalp and skin, cleansing and nourishing, with the goodness of CHEMICALFREE ingredients.
Baby massage is one such ritual, which is so vital for a baby's growth.
Along with forming a deep emotional bond, with every touch and stroke, it helps in making the bones stronger, enhancing the blood circulation, making a baby relaxed by inducing sleep in a most therapeutic way.
* PBP BABY OIL is a unique blend of CAMOMILE, ALOE and ALMOND OIL, that makes skin nourished and hydrated, promoting stronger bones, in every massage of your tiny, precious ones.
* Then comes our BABY FACE MOISTURIZER, a blend of super herbs, VANILLA, CALENDULA, and SHEA BUTTER, this light moisturizer is an absolute must have for your baby care kit, warding off dry and chapped skin. It's perfectly ideal for everyday use, as many times as required. 
Baby diaper rash is every mother's concern and seeing those nasty red, itchy sores on your little one's skin is definitely a painful sight and a great cause of concern.
* Our BABY DIAPER RASH cream protects and heal the inevitable and painful diaper rashes, that oftentimes occur due to regular use of nappies, change of weather, travelling and many such unavoidable conditions. This soothing cream with the goodness of ALMOND OIL, VIT.E and SHEA BUTTER is apt for baby's delicate skin, restoring the soft and suppleness of skin, as well as, safeguarding it from itchiness and marks.
Mother nature has provided us with immense treasure of organic ingredients to nourish and safeguard our little ones, in the most natural way. With utmost care, considering the attributes of a baby's skin, PBP BABYCARE products are created to be as delicate as your child's skin, at the same time as nourishing and shielding as a mother's love.
Hence, my humble request to all PUREBYPRIYANKA followers and users, if you have not tried this new babycare range for your little ones, go take your pick, the hard work and pure intention behind it, makes it worth, for every bit.
As it is very aptly said :
And now wishing you all a priceless and joyful baby pampering time 
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Awsome products .. surely will share yr details wid my family n friends. great going PBP.. loads of love Garima


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