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Everything about Face Serums

Everything about Face Serums

Dec 19, 2021


Priyanka Sarna

How useful are face serums in Skincare ?

The role of skincare is to achieve a healthy, clear and glowing skin, keeping the youthfulness intact.
In order to have a beautiful skin, we follow basic skincare regimes, which comprises of using various products that suffice our skin's needs.
Conventionally, using a moisturizer (AM-PM), after cleansing the face, used to be the norm, and many of us were doing this ritual religiously.
Keeping the skin hydrated is essential, but with the advent of modern science in skincare, introduction of new researches on acquiring youthful skin and new technologies to make use of naturally available herbs and ingredients in abundance, in our mother nature, has brought into existence some of the new add-ons into our skincare steps, which can be termed as sub-steps towards hydration and ultimate skin nourishment.
Facial serum is one such product, which has gained popularity in the last few years, and seeing it's effectiveness and benefits for skin, no doubt it has proved to be a revolutionary innovation in skincare.
So today, let's talk about serums and their usefulness.
Serums are the highly concentrated formulations, designed to deliver a potent mix of active ingredients to the skin, targeting specific skin concerns like hyperpigmentation, ageing signs, acne marks, blemishes, extra oil secretion, dryness and dullness etc.
They are light, easily absorbed, oil or water-based liquids that one can easily spread on face skin, for the extra nourishment and treatment of skin concerns.
Serums helps in minimizing and unclogging the pores, clearing dirt and sebum from pores, and increasing cell turnover, thanks to the antioxidants and exfoliating acids present in them.
These formulations consists of certain concentrates that helps to deliver the desired outcome when applied on skin, for a particular concern. These concentrates are :
They are a power-pack of serious punch for the skin.
Formulated in such a methodical way, merging plant cellular extracts, which are pure, potent antioxidants with herbs and other natural ingredients, like Turmeric, Licorice, Bromeliad, Pineapple, White-Tea, Green-Tea, and so on and so forth.
Our natural resources are so rich and abundant in Phyto-nutrients, and when combined with other effective herbs, turn out to be the boon for skincare regime.
Therefore, the effectiveness and utility of face serums, can be put in short as :
• Serums are lighter than moisturizers and thicker than toners.
• Serums tend to have a high concentration of active ingredients.
• Serums have smaller ingredients in size which makes easy for it to penetrate deep into skin.
The good thing is that anyone can use serums, and specially those who have skin concerns will benefit the most in relieving their skin issues.
The usage depends on the target issue, and therefore the time of it's application also makes a great difference.
It is suggested that serums for oil-control, anti-oxidants, soothing and hydrating the skin should be applied in morning hours.
Whereas, serums for anti-ageing, acne, firmness, dark spots and exfoliation should be used in evening hours.
Vit. C serums are proving legendary in treating common complexion concern, be it uneven skintone, rough texture, fine lines, acne scars, general dullness etc.
As Vit. C also prevents melanin production, and boosting collagen, it's a magical formula for retaining youthful, bright skin.
Hence, using face serums, after cleansing and before moisturising, will double up the benefits by giving extra nourishment to skin, the only trick is to be aware of the ingredients and concentrates used in their formulations.
The right kind of ingredients will kickstart the healing and treatment of any given skin issue with regular application.
Now, coming to PBP range of face serums :
#GLOW SERUM is a beautifully created AHA based face serum, and it's results are experienced by many of you, and for no it is called the STAR PRODUCT of PBP skincare range.
#VITAMIN C SERUM again is filled with the goodness of l ascorbic acid and other nourishing herbs, making it a potent dose of nourishment for the skin.
And with this I will also announce the exciting news of launching our brand new BHA based face serum, very soon, stay tuned.....
And time to say goodbye for this week now, but not without my parting line, which is -
"Enjoy each moment because you'll never be younger than you are at this very moment."
As it is rightly said, 

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