Today's topic is the most debated and a matter of concern for everyone who are moving and delving into natural skincare products, off lately.
Before starting, it is very important to know and understand, What is fragrance ?
And in simple words we can explain FRAGRANCE AS A PLEASANT SMELL.
There is a difference in smell and fragrance.
Out of five senses of a human body, smell is the significant one, which attracts or repels us towards a living or non-living thing, be it our food, people, personal care products, nature( trees, flowers, grass, vegetables, fruits, mud etc.) and many other, such things. It is a very common occurrence that at times we identify and relate to a person, place or food with a particular smell, and many a times just a smell can take us back to memory lane, nevertheless, it can be either ways, a pleasant smell (fragrance) or an unpleasant smell (foul or stink).
When we talk about beauty and skincare products, it is a fact that we are dealing in something that has sensorial effects.
Oftentimes we all indulge in specific products because we find the fragrance  just too divine, too irresistible, or just that it complements your personal mood and goes well with your body odor, giving a feel good factor, raising the confidence to carry ourselves better, as well as making the people around us, feel pleasant and fresh. It can be our body mists, soaps, face-washes, creams, lotions, oils, and so on and so forth.
Now coming to the formulations and manufacturing process of natural skincare products, the ingredients that are being used to create a natural skincare range comes from nature, mother earth itself. Be it herbs, flowers, oils, other natural resources like honey, ghee, green actives etc., all these ingredients have their own distinct smell. When the formulations are created, and the ingredients are processed, the actual smell that emerges from mixing and processing of various ingredients turns out to be pungent, foul and unpleasant, which has to be dominated and balanced by adding something which brings a pleasantness and makes the product presentable for usage.
Now the question is what are these ingredients that makes a product smell good, and are these safe for skin ?
So the fragrances used in cosmetic or skincare range can be classified into 3 types :
Any product that has ingredients rated as 1 or 2 are safe to use.
On the ingredients list, it is often mentioned as FRAGRANCE FREE or UNSCENTED, and one should be aware of the difference.
#Fragrance free is when no fragrance materials (synthetic or natural) are used in the products.
#Unscented means that the product doesn't have an obvious fragrance, but may contain substances that neutralize or mark the odor of other active ingredients (which doesn't always smell great).
It is advisable to use products having natural fragrances, like essential oils, but make sure you are not allergic to the same, because essential oils are also volatile components, which can break down easily and are difficult to purify.
The best way is to go through the blends, which are created with 100% wildcrafted or organic oils (processed without solvents). Any skincare product that has synthetic fragrance added, is harmful as well as a cause of cosmetic contact Dermatitis.
Redness, itchiness, hives, eczema flare-ups are few of the skin conditions that can occur due to artificial fragrance. There may also occur more harsh and severe health concerns like carcinogens, neurotoxins etc.
Hence it is very important to do the proper research before buying a product, and it's rightly mentioned that as shorter the list, the better it is. And what makes your nose happy, doesn't always make your skin happy. The skincare manufacturing companies or individuals who manufacture and market cosmetics have a legal responsibility for ensuring that their products are safe and properly labelled.
THE FAIR PACKAGING AND LABELING ACT of 1966, was developed to enable and protect a company's proprietary perfume blend and trade secrets.
Therefore, FDA gives fragrances a free pass when it comes to transparency.
Moreover, FDA also doesn't have the same legal authority for requirement of allergen labelling for cosmetic companies, as it has for food. Hence, if consumers have any questions, they may choose directly to contact the manufacturers.
Then comes the use of Phthalates as fragrance. 
#Phthalates are a group of chemicals, used in hundred of products, and the one that is currently in use in fragrance products is Diethyl Phthalate, or DEP which doesn't pose any kind of health risks.
The bottom-line is that different ingredients can affect individuals differently, what can be irritant or harmful for one is not necessarily the same for another.
Therefore, it is always good to first try and choose what's suitable and best for you, instead of following others in choosing skincare products. And to be more precise, meet and consult your dermatologist before buying your skincare range of products, because your skin knows it's requirements and all the answers. After describing how the fragrances work in skincare range, I would like to cover up PBP skincare range, and the role of fragrances in the same.
But for that you have to wait till next Sunday.....
I am sure the wait will be worth it.  Take care and have a blessed Sunday.
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Great to read yr blogs every week. They are focused clear n understandable & increased a layman’s information too..Congratulations for making goof products n increasing a persons knowledge too… love Garima

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