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Fragrance in skincare products, part - 2

Fragrance in skincare products, part - 2

Oct 10, 2021


Priyanka Sarna

Hello my beauties.....
Taking forward the same topic which I started last Sunday, that is FRAGRANCE IN SKINCARE PRODUCTS.
Let's recollect what we discussed in last week's blog :
* It was explained what is fragrance and why it is added in skincare products ?
* Importance of a fragrance, and how it helps to make a statement with a particular product.
The essence of skincare products is highly sensorial, and our ability to smell, is one of the significant sense, from five dominant senses of a human body.
* The legal norms, rules and regulations pertaining to the use of fragrance in Skincare products.
And how it is a legal as well as ethical responsibility of the manufacturers to ensure that the products are safe and properly labelled.
* Finally, how each person has their own tendency to whether any fragrance is going to affect or react, causing any kind of allergy, or it will act as neutral, making it pleasing and worthwhile to use.
I hope now it's pretty clear, the role of fragrances in beauty and skincare.
Now, today, let's talk and know about my brand, PUREBYPRIYANKA, and understand how we function when it comes to this aspect of our formulations.
So, I have a very close relationship with our fragrance supplier, and it has wonderfully worked to my delight, as I have been given the access to the fragrance formula that we purchase.
So here are the statistics :
• The simplest fragrance that we use has got 22 ingredients, and the most complex ones has more than 60 ingredients. And this is why the FDA allowed us to use the term "FRAGRANCE".
Otherwise, the ingredients list would be incredibly long and confusing.
It's a big misconception that when it's mentioned on a label as "fragrance added", it's just a few ingredients, or the one particular fragrance has the same formula for all the suppliers. It's a BIG NO, and the same fragrance can have different formulas, even if they smell the same.
Adding a fragrance solely depends on the product type and what fragrance is required for the same. Generally, in our products, we use 0.3 to 0.8 percent of fragrance. Our facial products, and leave-on products (creams and lotions) a lower level of fragrance is being used, whereas for our wash-off products (body-wash and face-wash) we use a higher level of fragrance.
As I mentioned that it depends on the product and type of fragrance, to give you an example, in one of our bath products, a fragrance at 0.4% was used, and in another bath product, a fragrance at 2.6% was being used. So here also, both being wash-off products, still there is so much variation when it comes to adding fragrance in both.
Therefore, we can conclude that adding fragrance in correct proportion will never be harmful, until someone is having any kind of skin allergy or are allergic to certain fragrances. As I explained in my previous blog that during the formulation procedure, all the ingredients that goes into creating a particular product tend to release certain smells, which after coming in contact with each other and certain other preservatives, turn out to be really strong, unpleasant, pungent and foul smelling. 
To make the product user-friendly, appropriate and applicable, it is of much importance to make it pleasing to the senses. There are end number of brands who claim and label their products to be "fragrance free", but, if given a thought, it is practically not possible for anything, leave aside skincare and cosmetic products, to not have any fragrance.
Starting from our toothpaste, to eatables (be it anything, natural or processed)to personal care, no matter how natural, herbal, organic a product or commodity is, there has to be the presence of some kind of fragrance, which when absorbed by our senses, signals our brain, whether to use that product or not. 
It all comes back to whether any kind of synthetic, artificial fragrance is being used or the source of that fragrance is as pure and natural as it can be, therefore not putting anyone at risk, by not giving any kind of allergy. From the time we started, progressing further, from the year 2017, we have learnt and understood, and discovered newfound techniques to understand the inside nitty-gritties of this whole fragrance formulas, and I can proudly say that we have transformed our products completely, bringing down the fragrance level to a presentable ratio, subdued it to an extent that it should not overpower the user as well as not affect adversely on skin, as much as possible.
At PBP, we keep getting queries and concerns from our loyal buyers and users, as well as prospective customers, about this aspect, the use of FRAGRANCE, and at times it becomes difficult to cater to all the queries on time, because of which I decided to take up this topic, and devoted 2 weeks and 2 blogs, completely to bring a clarity, clearing the doubts and providing some relief to all those who have concerns regarding the same.
I am sure it will prove to be helpful to all.
It's a matter of significance and equally endearing that I am dealing with customers who are so well educated, aware and informed about how a genuine, natural skin and beauty product should look like, feel like and smell like.
Fulfilling the desire of these three senses, undoubtedly one will come to know the effectiveness or adverse effects of the product, if there is any, to understand and decide whether it's the right pick for them or they need to continue the search......
As we are gifted with precious five senses, it will be beneficial for our health, if we FEEL our way through life, than we THINK our way through life.
And never forget,

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