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Haircare tips for summer season

Haircare tips for summer season

Apr 10, 2022


Priyanka Sarna

Summers loading.......

And it also brings along loads of skin and hair issues.
The good news is, all such issues and concerns can be tackled by bringing a change in our skin and haircare products and routines. The basic funda is to treat them right. Summer is a time of joy, free-spirit and letting loose.
A time for vacations and flaunting our summer dresses and tresses. Sun bleached hair and sandy skin becomes the fad of the season. But the constant sunshine, scorching heat and unavoidable sweat creates a hindrance in one's pursuit of getting the perfect look.
As i mentioned in beginning, that all these changes can be tackled by bringing a change in one's haircare products, as well as treating the hair right, based on the ongoing weather, temperature and personal body tendencies.
And today's blog is all about taking care of our hair in summers....
The common hair related issues in summers are :
* Dry and rough hair, lacking lustre
* Frizziness
* Hairfall
* Dull texture, specially colour treated hair
* Dry scalp due to frequent washing
* Extra oil production on scalp
* Split-ends
* Hair strands becoming brittle and weak.
To counter all these issues, it is very important to have a proper summer haircare routine, which is :
Cover them up - To protect your hair from strong UV rays, it's always a good idea to use a scarf or hat to cover your head when you are out in the sun.
It also helps to keep the moisture intact and save the hair from dry and harsh winds, moreso, if you have colour-treated hair.
Less hair-washes - Inspite of the hot and sweaty weather, it's always advisable to reduce the frequency of hair-washes. Washing hair too often strips the scalp of it's natural oils, leaving the scalp dry.
In some cases, the dry scalp stimulates additional oil production making you feel like washing hair even more.
To get rid of sweat and dirt, it is a good idea to just rinse in shower at the end of the day.
• Avoid blow dry and other hot tools and treatments - It is best to let the hair dry naturally in any season, and specially in summers. Blow dry and other such heating tools will do more damage to hair in summers. Whereas, the hair that is air-dried will give a nice wavy, summery look, and is any day a healthy option for drying up your precious mane.
Use of summer suitable shampoos - Use a shampoo with gentle formulas to cleanse the scalp.
The extreme heat causes skin pores to release more sweat in order to cool down the body.Unlike other body regions, the sweat released on scalp region does not evaporate easily, for the simple fact that it is covered by hair which obstructs the airflow. The accumulated sweat attracts dust and dirt, clogging hair follicles, which weakens the hair roots, leading to more hairfall in summers.
Therefore, the main emphasis should be to keep the scalp clean.
Shampoos that have aloevera, neem, hibiscus, amla, natural oils such as avocado, argan, coconut oil in their ingredient list are best suitable to revive and revitalize your scalp and hair after every wash.
# PUREBYPRIYANKA'S Good Hair Day shampoo contains all the natural herbs to gently cleanse the hair and scalp, without disturbing the natural pH balance of scalp.
# Good Hair Day shampoo for coloured hair is also a gentle formula based shampoo, keeping the colour to last longer, as well as providing softness and sheen to the tresses.
Conditioning done right - Always a must to condition the hair lengths after every wash, to rehydrate and moisturize again. A good conditioner has the ability to seal the moisture into your hair shafts. Incorporating a hydrating hair mask once a week provides good nourishment and moisturization to the hair, saving from dryness due to sun exposure and heat.
# PUREBYPRIYANKA's Good Hair Day mask leaves hair sumptuously nourished. A leave-on mask after wash, rinse after 10-15 mins, and get a more hydrated and shinier hair with this nourishing formula made with natural, hydrating ingredients.
Spritz and seal - keep handy a healthy concoction made out of water, aloevera, avocado oil etc. whenever there's a need of instant moisturization and control.
# PUREBYPRIYANKA's Aloe Moisture Surge serves as a very effective hairspray for summers.
It's cooling and hydrating properties leaves hair revitalized and moisturised.
Regular trims - In summers, a regular trim is the best trick to keep your hair healthy. Alongwith refreshing your haircut, it helps in getting rid of split-ends, dry and frizzy ends, and also adding life to dull and limp hair in summers.
Oiling - many believe that one doesn't need to apply oil in summers, whereas it is completely a myth.
Oiling is as important in summers as it is in winters.
Oils made out of herbs like Bhringraj, Amla, Brahmi, Neem, Reetha, Shikakai are excellent for nourishing hair follicles, promoting good hair health.
Coconut oil, seasame oil, jojoba oil and olive oil are good source of moisturization for dry and itchy scalp in summers.
# PUREBYPRIYANKA's Onion Hair Oil and Sampoorna Hair oil are a mix of such natural herbs which works like magic in maintaining hair and scalp health.
Hair serums - Again a misconception that serums should not be applied during summer weather.
Whereas, the fact of the matter is that the hair serum is the best way to protect your hair from heat and keep the split-ends and frizz at bay.
A small amount goes a long way to maintain the shine of your hair strands.
Hair serum also creates a barrier and keeps your hair protected from harsh UV rays and heat.
# PUREBYPRIYANKA's hair serum is a must try in this summer weather.
Hydrate - keeping yourself hydrated internally will reflect in your hair health.
It is very important to drink ample amount of water and healthy liquids to keep your body well-hydrated.
Water cleanses the system, releasing toxins from the body, revitalizing the entire body functioning with adequate hydration.
Eat right - Just like water, the food you eat holds equal importance to maintain a healthy life and keep away from skin and hair problems.
What you eat is exactly what your body shows.
The healthier you eat, the healthier you will be.
Foods rich in proteins, biotins, iron, Vitamin A and C are good for hair health.
Home remedies - Using ingredients from your kitchen on a regular basis will give extra nourishment to your hair health.
Eggs, Curd, Neem, Aloevera, Coconut milk etc. prove to be very beneficial and can be applied on hair, leave on for 20 minutes and then washed off.
All these ingredients have individual properties and lends moisturization, shine and luster, maintaining the scalp pH levels, taking care of split-ends and frizziness.
Hence, such home remedies will go a long way to maintain healthy hair during summer weather.
And last but not the least, opt for loose, easy hair styles, avoid tying your hair too tight or going for complicated hair styles.
Keep it loose, and let your hair breathe....
And remember to flip your hair and enjoy life.
For more hair-care tips, do refer to our previous blogs on general haircare tips and haircare in winters.
And wish you all a happy sunday 💞 

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