Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks . Not in what they say . Just the way they are

Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks . Not in what they say . Just the way they are

Pimples, papules, pustules, nodules, rashes, scars, marks, red inflammation and irritation on skin......

In a layman's language these are the terms we commonly hear and associate with ACNE.
Generally, we tend not to differentiate in all these skin conditions, and end up considering them as one big skin problem called acne, which has ever been a huge cause of concern for many of us.
Whereas, from all the above terms, or the skin conditions mentioned, some are mere symptoms, which if not taken care of, will lead to a skin related problem that is acne.
So let's take up this topic of great concern for many, and it's called ACNE.
To start with, it's important to understand WHAT IS ACNE ? And here it goes....
* Acne is a skin condition, which is caused when the tiny holes on skin, known as pores/hair follicles gets blocked by dirt, pollution or excess production of oil or sebum.
Our skin has Sebaceous glands which are attached to hair follicles below the surface level, and these glands produces an oily substance called sebum. 
Therefore, people having oily skin type are more prone to Acne 
But that doesn't mean that those who have a dry or combination skin type will not get affected by acne.
Other belief is that only teenagers or young adults (age group of 12-24 yrs.) will get acne, which is also not correct.
Irrespective of age, gender or skin type, anyone and everyone can get this skin condition which has various reasons to occur on one's skin.
* The facts are that it's more prevalent in teenagers than adults, girls than boys and oily skin than dry or combination skin.
There are different forms of Acne, which are :
• Blackheads
• Whiteheads
• Pimples
• Papules
• Pustules
• Nodules
Coming to it's occurrence, identifying and treatment, it is classified as Teenage acne and Normal acne (any age group).
* When a person attains puberty, in teenage years, there is a surge of hormones called Androgens (specifically testosterone), produced by both the genders. The sensitivity to these hormones, combined with surface bacteria on skin, and fatty acids within oil glands leads to acne.
Therefore, acne is primarily driven by :
*Hormone imbalance (with females around the time of periods).
* Picking at acne sores.
* Clothing and head gears (hats, helmets etc.)
* Air pollution.
* Weather conditions (humid).
* Sun exposure.
* Using oily, greasy and heavy personal care products like creams, lotions etc.
* Stress ( stress hormone cortisol flares up acne).
* Working conditions ( spending most of the time in kitchen, cooking and coming in contact with greasy items like oil etc.).
* Some medications.
* Genetics.
Now coming to it's prevention and treatment, first thing that comes to mind, and generally one does also, is to to see a dermatologist, depending on the intensity of the condition.
Many a times it so happens that till the time one is under medication, the situation is manageable and controlled. But the moment, one stops or gives a gap of sometime due to any reason, it again pops out and comes to square one.
And, the reason for this is that only medication will not help treat acne. Along with medicines, one needs to identify and embrace a lifestyle which will allow the skin to stay at it's best and the healthiest.
In simple words, it is the home treatment of acne, which is going to give you a long-lasting, holistic relief and solution from this painful skin condition.
The home treatment involves :
Hygiene - As we know that the main cause of acne is the clogging of pores by bacteria, dirt or grime. So, hygiene is the most important factor to control acne.
This is divided in two areas :
1.Personal-body hygiene, clean hair, clean scalp, regular bath etc.
2.Clean clothes, personal care items, bed-linens etc.
Along with these, healthy habits like, washing and keeping hands clean, not touching the face frequently, washing face etc. 
Proper diet - Food which aggravate inflammation in body should be avoided completely.
Sun protection - Sunscreen is a must, we cannot deny the importance of this one product for acne prone or infected skin.
Stress reduction.
Use of carefully selected skincare products.
After knowing all this, comes the point that, what should one apply on acne prone skin to maintain a healthy and clear skin texture.
There are certain ingredients which prove to be beneficial for such skin types and hence can be incorporated in skincare regime. They are :
* Retinoids
* Benzoyl Peroxide
* Salicylic Acid
* Azelaic Acid
* Dapzone
Skincare products having these ingredients will provide relief as well as are safe for acne prone and infected skin.
In addition to these, there are certain herbs which work wonders in treating acne like Tea-Tree Oil, Green-Tea, Aloe Vera, Basil etc.
And now winding up this topic I would like to share some exclusive PBP products which has proved to be miraculous for acne prone skin.
#GREEN TEA TONER - 2% Salicylic acid, infused with herbs like basil, aloe-Vera, green tea, gives a cooling effect, suppressing whiteheads, leading to less production of sebum in Oily skin.
#ACNE CREAM - Tea tree oil, aloe-Vera, green-tea and clove oil.
#ALOEVERA & CUCUMBER FACE WASH - 1.5% of Salicylic acid with Tea tree oil, gently and effectively cleanses the skin.
Try out these beauties, which are specifically and carefully designed with pure love and concern for those who are facing the challenge of managing and beautifying their skin, acne or no acne. After all your skin represents you and no matter what, each one of us have a right to a beautiful skin, and reflect our true charisma.......
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