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Is healthy and glowing skin only about the products ?

Is healthy and glowing skin only about the products ?

Jan 23, 2022


Priyanka Sarna

A healthy skin is the outcome of what's there in your skincare cabinet ?
A healthy skin starts from within ?
When it comes to skin, it is being said that our skin is a window to our body that reveals the story of our life. Your health, as well as your age is reflected in your skin.
Taking care of skin with the usage of right kind of products will take care from the surface level, but the quality of skin goes beyond the surface level. Very often I get to hear such grievances that inspite of using such high quality and expensive products, my skin is not showing the desired results...…
Many of us are forever searching for that miraculous product, which will do the magic overnight, and turn our skin into beautiful and flawless.
Is it possible ? Does this kind of magic exists ? 
Beautiful, glowing skin is not about this fairytale story, and one has to come out of this bubble, where it is being projected that only and only skincare products can deliver a healthy skin.
A healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness.
Today, i want to take you all in the past, the good olden and golden days, the times of our mothers and grannies.
When we talk of skincare regimes, in those days it was not as elaborate as it is today. Skincare routine in those days used to be very basic, consisting mainly of cleansing and moisturizing, regardless of AM-PM specifications.
But, a great amount of emphasis was on home remedies as well as the food that was being consumed, and also the mindset, keeping the mind clutter-free.
And we cannot deny the fact that they used to look more beautiful, having a perfect, clear and glowing skin. More sun exposure and doing extra physical work used to be a part of daily household chores, but the texture and skin quality was incomparable to what we witness and experience today.
And here comes the crux of today's topic.....
That beautiful skin is a result of many causes, along with using the right kind of skincare products.
As i mentioned that there was more physical work in those times, and they were more exposed to the harsh climates, without having the luxuries or facilities to ease out those challenges. The only luxury they had was to indulge in the healthiest and most nutritive food.
More than that, the method of cooking, as well as the various recipes used were the magic mantra to provide wholesome nourishment.
So, the baseline is, having a healthy skin is the inner job. The major factor that affects our skin quality is the food and our lifestyle. If we analyze the lifestyle, in those days there were fixed time schedules for every activity of the day, be it sleeping, waking, meal times, leisure times, TV watching, studying, finishing daily household chores, afternoon siesta etc.
With changing times, and accumulation of more luxuries, we have a solution for every challenge nowadays, we live in air- conditioned environs, which switches with the switch in changing seasons. We hardly venture out, unless it's unavoidable, we are more protected, and feel safe when we don't have to get into the little harsh side of life. With this, our daily routine has gone for a toss, and thanks to last two years of pandemic, work from home, study from home and literally everything from home has completely changed our body clocks. Now there's no fixed time for literally any activity of the day, which is showing it's adverse effects on our skin as well.
For eg. - No amount of using the best under eye cream is going to relieve you of the dark circles, if you are binge watching or using your gadgets till past midnight, sleeping at 2-3 am in routine.
And then we curse the product that it's not effective.
Hence, "TIME MANAGEMENT" plays an important role, discipline and organizing your day will go a long way to deliver a healthy skin.
These are the times of instant gratification, but when it comes to our body health and skin health, nothing is instant is going to work, all we need is patience and perseverance to achieve our goal.
As i said, that in olden days, they were more exposed to outdoor environments, heat in summers, cold in winters, humidity in monsoons, and likewise the body's immunity also changed and acclimatized itself to survive the harshness of different weathers. In a way, it can be said that our mothers or grand-mothers were more liberal and accepted every change with an open mind, and inspite of the suntan or age marks, their skin texture was always shining and healthy.
Which is a result of good lifestyle and good food.
Nowadays, we have more choices, starting from the superfoods, to going vegan, we are constantly trying to weight control, take supplements for all the deficiencies that are occurring because of new diet plans, struggling to manage time, eating at irregular hours, staying always indoors, mostly not exposing ourselves to the outer environment.
And this all is making us prone to all kind of skin ailments too.
On one side, we are trying to raise our immunity, specially due to pandemic situation, and on the other side we are not giving our bodies a chance to encounter outside world, complete non-exposure to natural environs, and then trying to fight off the skin issues that can happen due to sedentary lifestyle or any sudden seasonal or environmental changes, forgetting that in absence of exposure, our bodies will get prone to only one environmental set-up, and it will take double the amount of time to heal from any kind of body and skin issue, due to climatic or any other lifestyle changes.
It is important to understand that our body works in tandem, very beautifully, it's capacity to accept, adjust and heal is increased or decreased by the way it is being treated.
And if the body is treated well, our skin will showcase the same wellness.
I have always been sharing that each person's skin and its needs are different.
Special skin conditions demands special care.
But unanimously we all crave for a beautiful, glowing skin.
Which leads me to the question that what we understand by a glowing skin ?
Is glowing skin same for everyone ? 
Can a hyper-pigmented skin have the same glow as an acne-prone skin ?
Does a dusky-complexioned, but a clear skin looks the same as a fair-complexioned, but having dark spots skin does look ?
The point here is that each person has to figure out and decide their definition of healthy, glowing skin.
Because when it comes to skin and skincare, it's not that "ONE SIZE FITS ALL."
A regular skincare routine holds a great importance in acquiring a good skin, along with the right kind of products.
But the skin ailments, various skin conditions, extreme dryness or skin prone to pimples and bumps, pigmentation and blemishes, all these things majorly depend on one's lifestyle, which includes your food intake, your physical activity, your sleep hours, proper time-management, coping up with stress of any kind and exposure and staying out in nature, accompanied with weekly home remedies and deep nourishing treatments as oil massages, relaxing body massages etc.
A clear, healthy and beautiful skin is the result of balancing these aspects of daily life.
In the end I want to say this out, loud.... 
And stay happy and joyful forever...…

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