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Is my skincare working for me ??

Is my skincare working for me ??

Feb 27, 2022


Priyanka Sarna

In the words of the famous Hollywood Star Demi Moore :

"I am a big believer in that if you focus on good skincare, you really don't need a lot of makeup."
Very correctly said.....
And in our own ways we all try to take care of our skin and follow a good skincare routine.
But quite often one question keeps coming to our mind, and personally i have been asked the same question by many, which is.....
And it's natural response once we start something with a purpose, that is, taking care of skin, following a regime, with a set 
of chosen skincare products by us.
So how to know that a particular product is good for the skin and will make a difference for betterment ?
And the dermatologists suggest that the easiest way to tell if your skincare routine is working is, if your skin is clearing up, likely means your skin is balanced, hydrated and regulating itself.
If the skin is holding in moisture and exfoliates on it's own, is soft to the touch and reflects light well, it depicts that the skin is happy with the products you have in your rotation.
All these are the signs of a good skin, which is a result of good and suitable skincare routine, packed with correct products according to one's skin type.
It is very significant to identify these characteristics on skin, and the best and only person who could notice this is you yourself, and no one else can feel the effects of a particular product or decide a skincare regime for you.
Each person is the best judge for themselves, to choose and follow a skincare routine.
It can be very perplexing at times, nevertheless, it's also important to understand what's possible and what isn't.
Having realistic expectations will definitely work, because hoping for what isn't possible can get your budget and skin out of whack. 
Whereas, having realistic expectations plus consistent use of an outstanding skincare routine is the only way to have the best skin of your life.
Patience and being consistent is the key to understand and experience whether a skincare routine is working for you.
Skincare pros say that to give any product due diligence you have got to use it for 28 days, which is the cycle with which new skin cells form and old ones slough off.
And it takes 3-4 months to evaluate whether a skincare change is working to improve the overall appearance of the skin.
Likewise, choosing the right kind of product, having the ingredients that your individual skin demands plays the most pivotal role.
It is best to refrain from following the herd blindly or purchase a skincare product, simply going by the claims made by a company.
Let's say, there's a day moisturizer that claims to address all signs of ageing, but doesn't contain sunscreen ? 
Now the sun protection goes for a toss.
Wherein, it's a sure fact that if you are not using sunscreen rated SPF-30 or greater, 365 days a year, rain or shine, signs of ageing, uneven skin tone, lingering marks and other such concerns will keep on appearing or getting worse.
Hence, there's no one miracle ingredient.
Just like our bodies need a wide variety of nutritional foods to stay healthy, our skin also needs a balanced diet, state of the art beneficial ingredients.
One should understand and keep in mind, for good, that everything your skin needs cannot fit into one product, and certainly can't be provided with one over-hyped ingredient.
For eg. - If Vit C is a hero ingredient, expect for brightening results.
Expect a more hydrated and plump complexion, by slathering on Hyaluronic Acid.
Have Aloe on hand, and expect the skin to feel soothed and more chilled-out.
So likewise, each ingredient serves a different purpose.
Building a skincare regimen should be a patient process in which you introduce products slowly and gradually and see how your complexion reacts to them.
Sometimes your skin will get worse before it gets better. 
Some products, like Retinol can take a while to work.
For topical acne preparations, such as retinoids, occasionally people can break out 3-6 weeks into use, but it subsides with continued use.
Therefore, each and every person has to go through their own, individual skincare journey, with patience, and decide what works best for them.
Each skin is different, and you never really know exactly how your skin will respond to even the best formulated products, so one has to pay attention to how your skin reacts.
Consistency in following any skincare regime will definitely show results.
For some people, a basic skincare routine can work just fine, but for others it won't be enough to provide the best results.
Depending on your skin type, skin concerns, and preferences, a more advanced skincare routine will be important for you.
An array of appropriate products is required to fulfill the more complex needs of skin to keep it replenished with essential beneficial ingredients, protected from sun damage, enriched with hydration, nourished will skin-restoring ingredients to fight ageing and maintain an even skin tone.
And lastly to have the knowledge of USING THE PRODUCTS IN THE RIGHT ORDER, makes the skin support more effective in showing best results.
Healthy skin is not an overnight process.
Your skin is the largest organ, it reflects the health of your internal body, so give your skin a little EXTRA LOVE.
As someone rightly said, 
Before starting any skincare routine, affirm this thought deeply that your SKIN IS AN INVESTMENT, NOT AN EXPENSE.
Now go and start

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