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Jan 2022, New year, new beginnings, with a grateful heart....

Jan 2022, New year, new beginnings, with a grateful heart....

Jan 02, 2022


Priyanka Sarna

A beautiful quote I read yesterday which goes as,
"Gratitude makes sense of our past,
Brings peace for today,
And creates a vision for tommorow."
So let's begin 2022 with being GRATEFUL for every person, situation, opportunities and things that helped us grow and reach where we are, till now.....
It's the beginning of a new year, and every new beginning makes me nostalgic and helps me to realise and recognise that the almighty has been really kind to me, and graced it's blessings lovingly on my baby, my brand PURE BY PRIYANKA.
It's the first Sunday, a day for my blog post, of the brand new year 2022.
And i can only begin this new year by being grateful and thanking everyone who had contributed in whatsoever way, in the journey that we started in the year 2016, of pure will, determination and faith to shell out for everyone, that is so close to my heart.
As i mentioned always that we started from a very small set-up, and there was no platform as such, the only platform I had was the platform of my kitchen shelves, where I used to create formulations, with my keen interest in all things natural and passion for having, as well as providing a healthy and beautiful skin to whosoever I come in touch with.The encouraging response i received for just a few products, and by few i mean that I can literally count on my fingertips the products I created initially, gave me so much happiness and strength to do more.
It was kind of sowing the seeds for my dream, to turn into reality, and gradually turn into a fruitful tree, which is ever growing.
With each positive feedback, my determination used to get a kick, one step ahead, and since then there has been only looking and moving ahead for PBP.
The only motivating factor was the acceptance of my products, with open arms and hearts by my beautiful users.I was a novice, with no practical knowledge of running a business, but by God's grace and willingness, I happen to meet such angels in my journey till now, who turned out to be guiding lights, helping hands, and sometimes just standing behind as a pillar of strength to motivate me to give my best.
Starting from the number of products, to packaging, to new formulations, to publicize the brand, going for exhibitions, managing online business, and i can keep going on and on...... everything used to be herculean task for me, but step by step I attempted everything.
I would began giving my gratitude first of all, with my team of formulators, who helped me to understand the use of modern science and technology in beauty sphere, and how the ancient science of Ayurveda can be amalgamated beautifully with the same. The results are visible in the effectiveness of PBP skincare products.
Then comes the packaging, on which we have been constantly working, and still in progress to continuously better ourselves, trying to make it as eco-friendly as it can get.
Due to international shipping and mostly fulfilling outstation orders, it is inevitable not to use certain materials, for safeguarding the products, so that it can reach you unharmed and unspoilt.Very soon, you guys will see a tremendous improvement in this aspect, and will get to see a new look in the new year, of PBP products line, so stay tuned. And i really thank all my previous and present printing and packaging team, who have never let me down and are always there on my beck and call.
One person whom I never miss to mention at any given chance, and will do it now also, is SHWETA VIJAY NAIR.With a heart filled with gratitude, I really thank once again, this fantastic lady, who's a beautiful human-being, inside and out, who had always shown her love and faith on PBP products.
A BIG THANK YOU SHWETA VIJAY NAIR, for always showing your support and encouragement.
I truly appreciate and admire your constant and genuine feedback, and you are a person who has always guided us on the right path, and i consider it as a blessing.....
I would also give my thanks to all the bloggers and influencers, who lovingly promote PBP products, and i am so grateful that we all share a heathy and congenial relationship, respecting each other as individuals, and not only as business collaborators.
This blog is not complete without mentioning and thanking my hardworking team, which only comprises of women, and i am so proud of this fact. It was always my desire to give opportunity and empower woman, THE WOMAN OF TODAY, in whatever way I can.
It's so heart-warming to see my girls team, working rigorously, giving their best, with their happiest faces on, always. It's my good fortune to have such a persistent and industrious team, who are always there, lending their skills and acumen, even when I am not available to them.
And last but not the least, I will thank the most important person of my life and of PURE BY PRIYANKA. 
This is the man behind me, behind my every action and decision, giving me strength to strength, with each passing moment, and i will say he's the backbone of my baby, my brand, and this person is ASHISH SARNA, my husband, my lifelong partner in everything.
I thank you Ashish, for having double the passion for PBP, and as much as an aggressive seller you are, and takes the shortcomings and criticism, if at all there is, in your stride and makes sure that we overcome it, at the same time you are as calm and composed in tough and difficult situations.
Last two years have been stressful for everyone, on personal as well as professional front, it was equally difficult to run our business, when the sales took an all-time dip, and nothing seemed to be working out, the sheer love, faith and support of him, as well as few other near ones had helped me to sail through it unaffectedly. You are my source of inspiration Ashish.
And before winding up today's blog, i cannot miss this chance to thank YOU PEOPLE, the ones who consider themselves to be active member of PBP family, PBP users, followers, clients, readers, whatever i can name and call it.
A hearty THANK YOU to each one of you, for showing your love always, no matter what, for appreciating our hardwork behind making each and every product, for having faith in our brand and supporting us with your continuous feedback on everything about PURE BY PRIYANKA. We have reached where we are today, with your tremendous love and acceptance.
I can't thank enough to all you my lovelies, but i can only assure you that PBP will keep giving you the best, when it comes to skin and body care.
With each passing year, we are striving to become better than the last year, and will keep on creating some really wonderful beauties, our products, to help you being your natural, beautiful self, forever.....
And lastly my parting lines -

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