Monsoon Season & Haircare Blog

Monsoon Season & Haircare Blog

Happiness = A good hair day
Happiness = A rainy day
But can we have a good hair day on a rainy day ??
As much as one loves and enjoys the drizzle of monsoon, there are also complaints of rains playing havoc with hair.
Quite often we complain of hair going haywire, frizzy, unmanageable, either too sticky and greasy or extremely dry with rough ends, breakage and hair fall, and so on and so forth, during monsoons. Due to higher degree of moisture and dampness in atmosphere, all these hair issues gets aggravated. As hair roots become moist and soft due to sweating and humidity, oftentimes leading to bacterial growth on scalp, and frequent hair wash becomes mandatory to save us from this condition.
Dandruff is another concern that gets escalated during monsoon season.
Seasonal weather changes has to happen, as it governs and manages the ecological balance. But what can done harmoniously by us, is to adopt such skin and haircare regime which goes well with this seasonal cycle every year.
A little bit of extra care and effort goes a long way, keeping our mane healthy, lustrous and beautiful.
Here are few must do rituals to follow for haircare, especially during monsoons :
• Switch to mild, Sulphate-free and SLES free shampoos, when washing hair frequently during monsoons.
• Whenever hair gets soaked up in rainy water, always rinse hair with fresh, clean tap water afterwards (rain water is considered to be acidic, hence proves to be harmful for hair health).
• Let your hair dry naturally, and not through electric devices.
• Hair oiling and massage is a great therapy to keep your hair in perfect condition. Using herb infused oils works wonders, providing ample nourishment through nutrients that are present in herbs.
• Avoid hot water for hair cleansing. Whereas washing hair with cold water seals the cuticles, ceasing the split-ends to occur.
• Hair conditioning is a must, specially to keep the dandruff at bay, it is of utmost importance to keep the outer cuticles soft through conditioning.
• Avoid tying your hair too tight. 
• Use a wide-tooth comb, to avoid friction, as friction leads to hair breakage and hair fall, moreso in monsoon because of softening of roots.
• Use a micro-fiber hair towel to soak up extra water after hair wash.
• On a regular basis, do home remedies, pick up the ingredients from your kitchen and pamper your mane ( a pack made out of bananas and honey is very effective to counter fizziness of hair in monsoons).
• Finally, the correct diet to manage these issues internally and wholesomely. Make your diet protein rich, adding various nuts etc.
And now it's time to pick up two PBP products, and today I am choosing two haircare products, which goes well in this rainy season.
#ONION HAIR OIL - This is the most sought after product from PBP Haircare range and is considered a magic potion when it comes to reviving hair health. 
The sulfur content present in this onion oil promotes hair growth.
Regular massage with this oil boosts circulation, helping to activate scalp cells to function appropriately.
This oil works as a natural conditioner for hair, improving the texture.
Onion oil delays greying of hair.
The best benefit of this oil is that it fights bacterial infections during rainy season.
Onion oil was the first launch in PBP haircare range, and as always is the case with PBP products, each one is designed with love, care and passion to bring a productive and healthier transformation, be it hair or skin.
The technique of preparing this effective hair oil is what makes it a magical potion. After processing the onions in coconut oil for ten days, various herbs like curry leaves, methidana etc. are being added to this oil, again left untouched for 10-12 days. During this time period, the herbs and onions are infused completely, leaving their juices and effective nutrients into the oil. After this procedure of almost twenty days, other effective oils, like argon oil, are being added to this onion and herb infused oil. And this is how an effective and nourishing hair oil comes up, giving the scalp and hair strands a complete spa effect of conditioning as well as nourishment.
#MORINGA HAIR PACK - Moringa is found in tropical and sub-tropical areas of country and is considered an incredible herb for hair growth and hair related concerns.
Moringa is rich in Vit A, B and C, Proteins, Beta Carotene and Amino Acids.
All these nutrients are very essential for healthy hair growth.
Amino acids are supposed to be the building blocks for hair.
Vit C present in moringa acts as anti-oxidants, also it delays the loss of melanin pigment, which helps in retaining the hair color, therefore delaying greying of hair.
Moringa also is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, thus preventing scalp conditions like dandruff, itchy scalp, psoriasis and eczema, which is a normal occurrence during monsoons. It also promotes thickness of hair. With all these goodness's and beneficial qualities of moringa plant, this hair-pack is churned out to bring health and vitality to one's hair. Along with giving life to hair, this hair-pack also removes build-up and debris from scalp, controls sebum production, which neutralizes the moisture level of scalp.
Thus, taking care of both, hair and scalp in the best of ways. When this remarkable herb is added with other hair care ingredients, present in the form of herbs in mother nature, it's potency increases double folds. And those herbs are Fenugreek, Bhringraj, Gotukola, Reetha, Amla, Shikakai, Mehndi Patta (henna leaf) to name a few.
All these herbs are kind of hair tonic and when united together, dried and powdered, mixed with curd, alovera pulp, and with a little amount of olive oil, comes out as a wonderful hair-pack to counter hair-fall and other scalp related issues like dandruff, dryness etc.
This hair-pack will definitely bring a bounce and sheen to hair strands, filling them with life at the same time therapeutically removing hair concerns, especially during monsoons.
So this was my take for this week, on haircare.
Hope this will bring some solace to your hair troubles in rainy weather.
As no matter what, if the hair looks good, a woman can deal with anything.
So now, go get a good, oh no no no !!!! A GREATTTT HAIR DAY !!!!!!
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Such a wonderful and helpful blog!! Thank you Priyanka and team..
I use almost all of your hair products and they work beautifully for me!
Simply love all your products!!
Thanks again!
Much love,

Reetika Babbar

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