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Myths about hair-colours

Myths about hair-colours

Mar 13, 2022


Priyanka Sarna

Something's are basic, but your hair shouldn't be one !

Live your life in colour.
As they say :
"Life is too short to have boring hair"
And we all know for a fact that our hair is our real crowning glory.
Hair makes or breaks a person's personality.
A good hair day reflects a person's mood and i have often heard people saying that a good hair day make me feel like I can rule the world.....
So our mane is really precious and plays an important role in one's lifetime.
These days one can do so much with hair to get a new look or makeover.
And the most common, affordable and trending is colouring the hair.
Hair colour goes back since a long time, and people have been using various kinds of ingredients to colour the hair.
With advancing technology and science, a specific kind of range of hair-colours were introduced to give you the desired shade for your tresses.
A different hair colour has the power to change your identity and make you feel like a whole different person altogether.
We generally colour our hair for two reasons :
• Grey hair coverage, which is commonly done as root-touchups.
And once in 3 months, a global coverage (covering the entire scalp as well as length of hair).
• Fashion colours for a new look, which can be streaks, highlights or sometimes global coverage with some trending fashion colours.
There is an evergoing debate on the use of hair-colours and it's side-effects. 
There are so many reservations when it comes to colouring the hair.
Some people just take a chance and dive into getting a new look, while some keep on contemplating and researching, and remain confused in so many theories about hair-colours.
There are many myths attached with colouring the hair, and oftentimes people are skeptical and refrain themselves, even though heart of heart they really want to try some new hair colour.
So, let's take up this topic today and clear the myths that are associated with colouring the hair :
* Colouring once means one has to keep colouring the hair always - Recolouring your hair is entirely your choice.
Colouring doesn't mean that one can't have their natural colour back.
* Colouring will make hair go grey sooner - Grey hair is entirely genetic, and colouring does not accelerate the greying of hair.
The hair starts turning grey when the melanin stops producing the colour pigment.
* Colouring makes hair thin - Deficiency of vitamins and minerals leads to thinning of hair, and not the hair colour.
* Colouring will damage the hair - This one is the biggest myth everyone must have heard quite often.
When you apply dye to your hair, you are opening up the cuticle so that the colour can be deposited, which can cause damage, but using the right product can prevent it.
A significant culprit for damaged hair lies in the use of colour. If using a proper technique and aftercare then your hair will be just as soft and healthy always.
Aftercare includes a colour safe shampoo, conditioner and serum.
* Hair colour is difficult to maintain - As I mentioned before, use of excellent aftercare products will not only protect the hair, but also makes it easy to maintain. 
Usage of wrong shampoo, conditioner and serum will definitely make it difficult to maintain the colour as well as quality of hair.
Always buy your hair-care products after consulting your hair stylist as they know the quality of your scalp as well as the texture of your hair and can suggest the best suitable products.
So these were the 5 common myths that are associated with hair-colours.
Colouring hair will affect the quality of your hair, unless you are using the right kind of products, meant for colour treated hair.
Apart from using the products, many factors can affect your hair, and hair damage can be due to those factors, like your health (deficiency of nutrients and vitamins), using hair styling tools like hair dryer, heating irons etc., your genetic disposition or any other chemical treatment like permanent curls or hair straightening.
Hence, it is perfectly safe to indulge your mane once in a while in colouring for a fresh, new look or even covering those pesky greys regularly, just make sure you are not compromising on the quality of products.
As someone quoted,
Wishing you all a lovely sunday and a HAPPY HAIR DAY.

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