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Oct 17, 2021


Priyanka Sarna

Hey folks, here's an exciting news this week. 
And I am also super excited to share with all you PBP users about our new launch, a new addition in our kitty, and guess what ????
This time it's not just something to do with skincare, and and and......
I am so happy to announce that we are coming up with our first product in makeup range, a very minimalistic but the most desirable in today's time, when a "Rosy cheeks, glowing skin and Pink lips" look is so much in vogue. 
Going with the trend, PBP is coming up with its most natural, 100% vegan LIP AND CHEEK TINT.
And today's blog is all about that.....
At one point of time, in our childhood, almost all of us must have seen our mother's getting ready in haste, rolling up her lipstick, smearing her lips and then quickly dabbing the same lipstick on her cheekbones, smudging with fingertips. And this small ritual, done with ease, used to transform her face, adding a hint of glamour with a flush of colour on her lips and cheeks, and there she was, all set and good to go.
Now, after almost two decades, this trend and handy make-up trick is back, in a much better and customised way. 
In today's fast-paced life, when we are always on the go, completely aware of the fact that, as much as there is less time for one to invest in getting ready, do a routine make-up and look presentable for any occasion, there is equally an increased need and demand for a bare minimum make-up look, be it professional or personal set-up, formal or casual event. 
To save one from the everyday rigmarole of applying make-up, starting from buying various products, to carry in our handbags, to applying with finesse, this single product serves dual purpose and simplifies the regular make-up routine.
The Lip and Cheek Tint has turned out to be the epitome of convenience, for all go-getter ladies, always on toes by reducing the number of make-up items in their handbags.
Going with the contemporary fashion look, where minimal make-up trend is on rise, not missing that playful look, this new product by PBP is definitely going to be a contagious influence on all the female generation.
As it is rightly said,
Coming to the product, let's know how this beauty is being created, keeping the PBP tradition intact, of all things pure and natural.
This Lip and Cheek Tint is made with plant-based Candelilla wax and Ozzo carrot wax. 
Candelilla wax is supposed to reduce appearance of stretchmarks, as well as the signs of ageing, like wrinkles and age spots.
It also hydrates the parched and scaly skin.
Alongside, it also acts as a binding agent, that easily fuses all the other ingredients together.
Ozokerite is a mineral wax which is used as a texture enhancer.
It also provides stability to lipsticks and skin foundations.
Apart from these, this Lip and Cheek Tint is brimming with ultra-hydrating oils, such as Almond oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Morninga oil, Grapeseed oil and wild Kokum butter.
Especially the skin on our lips is comparatively very thin and delicate, and hence requires extra care and nourishment.
Therefore, along with adding colour to your lip and cheek, it also rescues your lips from dryness, cracks and flakiness.
In addition to this, the presence of Vanilla extract, Grapeseed and Moringa oil makes it power packed with anti-oxidants, protecting the lips from free radical damage.
And last but not the least, this Lip and Cheek Tint is also infused with Organic Indian Madder and Beetroot.
So here you see, that we have taken great care and put in our best efforts to create something which is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, natural, safe and healthy, something that feeds the skin.
Moreover the pigments used in formulations are Ecocert approved, and no synthetic chemical is being added.
It carries a whiff of natural ingredients used, like almond, vanilla, moringa etc. and no extra fragrance is being added.
As this is our first launch in make-up range, a great amount of care has gone into it's creation, so that nothing less, than the BEST, should come out. 
This product comes in two shades :
#BELLE ROSE - A charming tone of pink, giving an exuberant, fresh and lively look.
So fresh, so nice, so new, introducing our new love for tint.
Swiping your way up to a natural, happy pink tinge, making you simply irresistible, giving you an extra edge for your pout-time.
It's a definite pick-me-up for your Lip and Cheek.
#GLAMOURED - A deep, intense flair of red, for all those indomitable femmes. Adding a tone of red to your lips and cheeks, this colour of passion and love, will leave you more enchanting, and definitely going to make heads turn.
Stay captivating with this all-day kissable colour and weight-less wear and become irresistible with this tinted temptation.
The colour tone can be balanced as per the need, darker or lighter, depending on the way you swipe it.
So my lovelies, soon this product will be out, and with the festive season on, this is an absolute must-have, and great for gifting your loved ones, as who doesn't love a dash of colour. 
Bolder or Natural, you can't go wrong with a lip & cheek tint, because :

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