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Retinol and Alpha Arbutin blog ( About The Ageing Concern )

Retinol and Alpha Arbutin blog ( About The Ageing Concern )

Sep 19, 2021


Priyanka Sarna

Ageing gracefully will make you age beautifully......
Skin ageing is a natural, universal phenomena, that occurs without exception.
Once a person crosses thirty, the skin starts looking and behaving differently.
As we grow up in age, there also comes a transformation in appearance and texture of our skin. A healthy lifestyle, which includes healthy habits, healthy diet, healthy mind (positive and upbeat thoughts and attitude) will definitely work towards delaying skin ageing process.
Apart from this, what is most significant is the usage of right kind of skincare products, suitable to the skin type, to combat skin ageing issues. So today, let's take two skin anti-ageing ingredients which works wonderfully on skin and proves to be literally most effective, and they are RETINOL and ALPHA ARBUTIN.
These days, when it comes to skin anti-ageing products, one thing that has gained sudden popularity and recognition is RETINOL.
So let's know more about it :
Retinol is a form of Vit. A and is touted as a miracle skin care ingredient.
How is retinol beneficial in fighting skin ageing ?
* Retinol thickens the deeper skin layer, enhancing the skin's ability to retain water, which in turn improves the fine lines and wrinkles.
* Retinol also improves the tone and texture of skin, by helping in skin cell-turnover.
* Retinol stimulates the production of elastin and collagen (skin proteins).
Seeing it's notable benefits, PBP initiated to add this miracle product RETINOXX, into it's anti-ageing skincare kit, with the goodness of retinol. 
The formulation is designed with great care and research, in order to create this product to be as mild, light and soft on skin, so as not to produce any harsh, side effects on the same. As much as this product works wonderfully, it has been formulated very thoughtfully, and there are certain precautions needs to be taken when incorporating it's usage in skincare regime, because it might have adverse effects on skin, if there is a high ratio of retinol, as well as bringing it gradually in skincare regime, as it is rightly said in this product's regard, "STARTING LOW AND SLOW WINS THE RACE."
To make it safer and best to use for all skin types, PBP RETINOXX consists of 2% retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Vit. E, Olive Squalane and hemp-seed oil.
It has no perceptible fragrance, a light weight lotion, having an emulsion like consistency, and absorbs easily into skin, when applied by fingertips.
Therefore, it's ingredient list provides the necessary information about it's safety and goodness.
When incorporating it into skincare regime, it is always advisable to :
* Apply it on cleansed face, after spritzing a face mist.
* After application of 2 pumps on face and neck, follow it up with a hydrating night cream or serum. 
* For dry skin, a facial oil can be applied after RETINOXX application.
* RETINOXX should be applied at nightime, and twice or thrice a week only.
* Apply a liberal amount of sunscreen the next morning, as retinol makes skin more sensitive in sunlight.
* Pregnant women are advised against using this product, as a higher degree of Vit. A is harmful for the unborn child.
These were the do's and don'ts while using RETINOXX.
There is a sure shot guarantee that, when applied in the right manner, at the right time, RETINOXX is going to produce visible changes on the skin, making it luminous, supple and free of unwanted marks, spots and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
The trick is, not to overdo.....
The next ingredient used for anti-ageing is ALPHA ARBUTIN.
This is a naturally occurring derivative of Hydroquinone (a popular skin-lightening ingredient), extracted from the dried leaves of plants like blue berry, cranberry and bear berry. Oftentimes, it's been observed that age spots and ruddy skin texture can actually make you age more than fine lines and crow's feet.This magical ingredient is very useful in fading pigmentation and spots caused by breakouts and sun damage.
This also improves the complexion, and works towards skin lightening.
It has sun protection properties and is very gentle on skin, not making it dry or irritable, which most of the brightening ingredients happen to make.
Seeing it's immensely beneficial qualities, PBP created their anti-ageing cream, which is packed with the goodness of ALPHA ARBUTIN, and few other such anti-ageing ingredients, such as GRAPE-SEED OIL, which is known for it's super effective properties with this regard. This cream has been accepted and grabbed with love by one and all, and the results are so visible and satisfying, which is expressed in the constant feedback that I keep receiving from those who have used it.
Hence, it is very important to use the skincare products with the right kind of ingredients, when dealing with a specific purpose, and in today's topic it is skin ageing and how to control it.
Apart from this lotion and cream, it is of utmost importance to take proper care in everyday routine, using homemade packs, made from ingredients sourced from your own kitchen.
For eg : Banana is an excellent anti-ageing agent, and applying it on skin proves very beneficial.
Likewise grapes are loaded with anti-oxidants and are super active anti-ageing ingredients.
Eggs works wonders for ageing skin and can be applied as a face mask to keep the skin young and healthy.
When talking about controlling and delaying ageing process, one can't deny the importance of regular face massage.
Using a facial massage tool, a GUA SHA or ROLLER, will double up the benefits of massage, along with using a good quality FACIAL OIL.
Daily massage for 5-10 minutes will counter the negative effects of sun, pollution, stress, tiredness and ageing, by stimulating the skin cells, circulation of blood, providing ample oxygen to skin and oils penetrating the skin, giving sufficient nutrients to reverse the age.
These days, we are living in a fast world, where, there is always a lack of time, and everyone expects fast remedies and fast results.We see so many people opting for scientific treatments, like chemical peel, Botox etc, which gives instant results.
But one can't deny the truth that the more quicker these treatments and their results are, same is their after-effects, once the treatment's effectiveness starts fading, the unpleasantness starts surfacing on skin texture.
In the desire to look young, having a healthy skin, these kind of treatments once over, will make the person look more worn out and older than their actual age.
In most of the cases, there is always a downside to all these artificial ways of anti-ageing, and my personal opinion is to invest in everyday simple skincare tip, rituals and ingredients, rather than getting into artificial ways and means to attain beauty and youthfulness.
To quote the words of the most beautiful and famous, Sophia Loren :
"There is a fountain of youth, it is in your mind, your talents, your creativity you bring to your life, and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age."
So, start investing in day to day skincare, with the right kind of ingredients and products, and not to forget to have a fresh and youthful frame of mind, and then you bet, there's no stopping the age to turn around, and run in reverse. And it has been rightly said "Age is just a number game".

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