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Serums.....The skin tonic to revive, revitalize and rejuvenate......

Serums.....The skin tonic to revive, revitalize and rejuvenate......

Feb 06, 2022


Priyanka Sarna

Rightly said.....
And today's topic is all about the benefits of using a good face serum. With the advancement in skin researches, came new insights with regards to treating the skin right, adding few more steps into conventional skincare routine. Over the years the skin specialists all around the world realised that age-old method of cleansing, toning and moisturizing is not sufficient, and inspite of using the best quality products for CTM, it seems that after a certain age, or due to various other factors, the skin still lack the healthy glow, hydration and elasticity, many a times.
There is a rise in skin conditions like acne, hyperpigmentation, age-spots, dryness, eczema, blemishes, suntan etc. And to counter all these skin conditions, it came across that the skin needs some extra nourishment, a healthy dose of potent ingredients, which can directly penetrate into surface level of skin, providing the respective supplement which the skin desires.  
And here comes the role of FACE SERUMS.
Serums are the powerhouses of your skincare routine, and they are typically targeted towards specific concerns. These products are meant to be used post cleansing and before your moisturizer. Lightweight and efficient, serums contain a potent blend of targeted active ingredients formulated for a specific purpose.
They are great for anyone who wants a quick and easy product that absorbs quickly into the skin, has a high concentration of ingredients, and is non-greasy.
Therefore, one can call serums as a secret weapon for treating all kinds of skin issues.
•Most face serums are safe to be applied twice daily, once in morning on a cleansed face, before the rest of your makeup, and once at night before bed.
But it is always advisable to read the instructions on the usage of each serum, as some serums should be avoided during the daytime, while some work to their fullest potential when the sun is shining.
•Serums are supposed to be potent and have a high concentration of active ingredients, so even a little goes a long way.
•One should cover the face in a thin, light layer so that the product can penetrate the skin quickly.
•Unlike other skincare products like thick face creams and moisturisers, that you massage into your skin in an upward direction, serums are meant to be applied to your face in small tapping motions with your fingertips or your palms. One should not rub serums on skin excessively.
Let the serum absorb into the skin on it's own.
•Wait for a couple of minutes for the serum to completely penetrate your skin before continuing with your skincare regime.
There are a multiple kind of serums available, for multiple skin related issues.
Likewise, in PBP range skincare range, we have very meticulously formulated two very effective face serums, and they are :
#Glow Serum
#Vit. C Serum
These two serums works wonders when it comes to providing glow, removing tan, pigmentation and clarifying complexion.
In order to get improved results from your skincare products, recieving sufficient hydration from your moisturizer, it is very beneficial to apply serum in between, and let the products do their work, much faster and effectively.
And this is why one should incorporate face serums in everyday skincare regime.
So, my lovelies, go get a serum because it's the right
Have a great Sunday ❤️

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