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Stay cool in hot summers, tips to beat the summer heat to save your skin

Stay cool in hot summers, tips to beat the summer heat to save your skin

Apr 03, 2022


Priyanka Sarna

Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair…”

∼susan polis schutz
Lo behold.....
And the summer has arrived....
As much as we wait for this season of warmth, sunshine, vacations and a state of happiness in general, it also brings along with it the harsh effects of strong sunrays and scorching heat on our skin and body.
To describe summer someone quoted very beautifully that summer is the time when,
"Hair gets lighter
Skin gets darker
Water gets warmer
Night gets longer
Life gets better"
Nonetheless, inspite of all the gaity and jollyful sense of letting loose in this sunny season, summers can be rather unforgiving on our skin.
And literally, our skin starts screaming for more protection from the heat.
Today's blog is all about helping your skin to cope with the scorching sun and keep the skin cool and calm in soaring temperatures.
There are a number of summer essentials in PBP skincare range, which can prove to be a boon in taking care of the skin during summer weather, which I will be sharing alongwith.
So let's start :
* The first thing that one should gather in summer essentials is a good facewash, as summer is a time that we tend to wash our face quite often.
Because of regular washing, skin tend to loose out on moisture and becomes dry.
Therefore, a good hydrating facewash is a must in summers to keep the skin soft and supple.
Other thing, one must keep in mind while purchasing a facewash, is to check the ingredients that it consists of.
Fresh and citrusy ingredients works best for summers, like lemon, aloevera, basil, cucumber, mint, neem etc are very refreshing and soothing to the skin, as well as, are considered to be great cleansing agents.
All facewashes from PBP range comes under summer essentials, and they are :
# Vit.C facewash - refreshing and removes tan.
# Aloevera and cucumber facewash - cooling and soothing for sensitive skin.
# Lemon and honey facewash - ultra hydrating and refreshing.
# Rosegold facewash - ultra refreshing, leaves the skin fresh with pleasing notes of rose petals.
* Exfoliation is very important. Not only it helps in removing dead cells, but also helps in blood circulation as well as removing dirt, grime and tan from the skin, after sun exposure and sweating.
Try to incorporate fruit based exfoliants such as papaya, orange etc. 
Alongwith being refreshing, they also help to take away the skin tan, bringing back the brightness on skin.
* Changing the AM-PM skin regime products, according to how your skin behaves in the hot and sultry summer weather.
Products that contain cooling and soothing ingredients such as Vit.C and other citrusy fruit based agents, aloevera, green tea, cucumber etc. should be added.
Intense, deep moisturising, oil based products should be substituted with light, easily absorbent, water based products, to save the skin from excess oil and sebum formation.
It is very vital to keep the skin light and happy in summers.
Reduce the amount of heavy make-up on skin.
# Glow Serum from PBP is a wonder product for summers.
Applying 2-3 drops before application of any moisturizer or foundation will give a very dewy and fresh effect on the skin.
It also helps in merging the base foundation smoothly and evenly on skin.
And it's light formula gives the much needed nourishment and hydration to skin, that it requires in summertime.
* Stock up your face mists and toners in abundance.
These are a must haves in your summer essentials.
First thing in the morning, after facewash, give a nice and generous spritz of face mist or toners on skin.
Anytime in a day, specially when you are outdoors, make sure you are spraying your dose of freshness, making the skin come alive.
It gives an instant boost to the skin texture, making it look fresh, supple and bright.
Also it takes away the tiredness from the skin, making it feel rejuvenated.
Hence, you can't escape the summers without your face mists and toners.
All PBP facial mists and toners are a star products giving excellent results, and here they are :
# Green-tea toner - a rockstar for acne prone skin, works tremendously well in summers.
# Rose gold gel toner
# Fruit tonic mist - again very therapeutic in summers.
# Red toner
# Distilled rosewater - multipurpose, can be used as mist and also be added while mixing face packs. It's an anytime go to product, a saviour at all times.
# Aloe moisture surge - this one product, Aloe moisture surge will serve all the nourishment that your skin needs in summers.
It's ultra hydrating and soothes the heat and sunburns that occurs due to extremely hot weather.
It's super absorbent and lends a suppleness to the skin, making it soft and dewy.
Make sure you keep all your mists and toners in refrigerator in summer weather, and it will lend extra cooling effect to the skin.
* Use of face-packs weekly once, made out of ingredients which helps in keeping the skin healthy, glowing and safe from the heat.
Ingredients like besan (chick-pea flour), fuller's earth (Multani mitti), curd, Aloevera, tomatoes etc. not only removes the tan and dark spots that occurs due to sun exposure, but also heals the rashes and burns and provides skin tightening.
PBP's facial Ubtan and Tan removing face pack consists of such ingredients which serves the skin with best of benefits in summers.
* Sunscreens, without which your skin can't think of surviving the summers, even after taking all the precautions and products to protect against the heat.
Investing in one good quality sunscreen will make your life easy and going to save you from all the summer related skin issues, be it suntan, pigmentation, dark spots, sunburns, fine lines etc.
It is of utmost importance to use a maximum SPF sunscreen, both at indoors, as well as when going out.
Do refer to our blog on Sunscreens and it's importance.
It will help you to understand how to choose the right kind of sunscreen based on your skin type and its needs.
* And last but not the least, drink drink and drink lots of water, keep yourself hydrated from inside, and it will help your skin from outside.
It is very important to drink water and other cooling drinks to stay healthy and refreshed in summers.
We all know the importance of water, only thing is to remind ourselves to follow the rule, and it's as simple as drinking a glassful of H2O, to beat the heat.
And before saying goodbye, i would say make sure that water and sunscreen are your best friends this summer, as without these two, other remedies will not be as effective as in the good company of these two.
So time to have a cup of water for me too, and you guys have a chilling sunday.
Let loose.....and welcome the summers

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