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Versatility of PBP Products

Versatility of PBP Products

Nov 21, 2021


Priyanka Sarna

These are words of famous Greek poet, Sophocles, and highly resonate with my thoughts, when I decide to create my products, PBP skincare range.
To fulfill my passion of creating a natural skincare products, the more I studied, researched and gathered the information about nature and it's resources, the more I was astonished to know how each natural resource, herbs and ingredients can be utilised for various purposes and ways. 
Which led me to formulate my products, keeping in mind the versatility of those products, making them more beneficial and interesting.
On a regular basis, i keep receiving queries as to how, and in what way can a product be applied or used on skin.
So today, let's take up some of the prime PBP skincare products, and know how they can be used in multiple ways. 
Let's begin :
#Apricot & Date fruit scrub cum pack - This one's an instant radiance booster, giving a salon like facial look, the product of your dreams. 
It works both, as a scrub as well as a very effective face pack.
The product contains such ingredients which not only works to clear hyperpigmentation, blemishes and marks, but also removes dead skin cells, revealing a fresh and brightened skin layer.
So applying it as a pack, leaving on skin for few minutes will help the ingredients to penetrate and fade away the marks, and while removing, scrubbing it gently in circular motions will do the exfoliation.
So this one product serves two purposes and reduce the number of your skincare products in your dresser.
#Aloe Moisture Surge - This one product is the most versatile in it's usage and benefits.
It is created with the goodness of most humble houseplant, aloevera, but it's benefits are many.
It can be used as a serum, which penetrates deep into the skin, soothing, calming and nourishing. After application leave for 3-4 minutes to get it absorbed. Once done, can be layered with a moisturizer.
It can be used as a moisturizer for all skin types. Can be applied as many times as one feels the need, to quench the parched skin, in any kind of weather.
Also, this can be used as a mixing agent in face-packs (powder ubtan, Illuminati, tan-removal powder pack etc.), as well as in cream packs, to get a desired consistency.
Lastly, can be added in hair-packs, both powder as well as cream hair-masks.
So this one comes with a multi utility benefit.
#Swarnaprabha face oil - This is a magical oil, that brings a golden hue to the skin is again a multi-purpose product.
It can be dabbed and massaged, directly on skin (can be done with a gua-sha or roller), as well as it can be added with moistures or face creams, to make your moisturization extra enriching.
In peak winters, to nourish the dry skin, it works wonders when few drops are added in Ghee Cream. The ultra hydration this combo provides is just heavenly.
For people having oily or acne-prone skin, 1-2 drops of this magical potion can be added in acne cream, and it will provide such nourishing results for everyone to see and notice.
Now that winters are here, one can make use of this magnificent oil to their benefits, according to the skin type.
Luxurious Elixir Gel - This gel contains rice water and gotukola, making it very effective on skin.
Therefore, this gel can be used for face massage, as well as a face mask.
It also can be used as a sleeping mask, a leave-on mask, before bedtime, for people having oily skin.
The next morning, skin will be ultra-hydrated and brightened with a fresh radiance.
#Miracle Oils, Luxemist & Enchantist - These two miracle oils works wonders, can be applied as facial oils for massage, as well as few drops can be added into face creams and moisturizers.
Many times it so happens that skin doesn't soak-in the oils completely, and some amount of oil remains on the outer layer of skin.
By mixing few drops of these oils in daily application of creams and moisturizers, they can be absorbed optimally by skin, recieving the benefits of both, oil as well as the creams and moisturizers.
While applying make-up, to get a dewy, smooth base, few drops of these oils if mixed with foundation, can give miraculous results to your makeup look, living upto their respective names.
#Glow serum - This is the favourite product of many, from PBP range.
As the name suggests, this serum imparts glow to your skin, by reducing pigmentation, marks and sun damage.
Alongwith, it provides a very smooth base, works as a primer on skin, if applied before foundation, when putting on a make-up. 
Your foundation and make-up will just glide smoothly and evenly, if applied on top of Glow serum.
#Green Tea Toner - This toner works for toning the skin, before moisturization, and can be used as a facial mist, to freshen and liven up the skin.
Another way of using this toner is to add as an activator in powder masks.As it contains salicylic acid, which is an excellent BHA, an exfoliatiant. Therefore, it will work effectively on oily skin to remove acne scars and marks, revealing a clear and brighter skin.
#Sandalwood & 4 clay detox mask - This mask is created with sandalwood and a mix of 4 types of clays.
Hence, it also serves two purposes, as an exfoliatiant, as well as a face-mask.
When applied for few minutes, it will take care of enlarged pores, helps in fading away the blemishes and eventoning the skin, and while washing, a little circular movements will remove dead skin cells, unclogging the pores, revealing a clearer and bright skin.
Regular usage will show excellent results over a period of time.
So, these were some of the multi-purpose products from PUREBYPRIYANKA.
I hope this blog will help you to make use of these thoughtfully crafted products in the most beneficial ways.
As I have created these, keeping in mind the multiple usage of the ingredients as well as the final product, and one must know this, in order to avail the best outcome.
Because I feel that :

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