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Winter Haircare Hacks

Winter Haircare Hacks

Dec 12, 2021


Priyanka Sarna

"Your hair is winter fire, january embers.
My heart burns there, too"
These are the beautiful lines from a poem.
And now winters are going on, and this must be many women's desire, to feel and have as lovely tresses as portrayed in this poem.
Alas, the reality turns out to be opposite and there are days when we suffer from really unpleasant state of our hair.
Dryness, flaky scalp, rough texture, frizziness, dandruff, lack of lusture.....
and most of all excessive hairfall.
The question that comes is :
Are all these hair concerns normal during winter season ?
And I'll say YES to this.
All these issues are common occurrences in winter, due to dry and cold air, that naturally takes away all the moisture from our tresses, making them prone to damage and breakage.
This cold weather also gets aggressive towards the scalp, by leaving it dry.
And with dry scalp comes dry hair, which leads to extensive hairfall. As it is a known fact that our hair and scalp need different and special treatment in all changing weathers, and understanding the need of our hair during every season can keep a health-check for our hair and scalp.
In my previous blogs on haircare, I have shared the do's and don'ts for haircare, and some of the rituals are constant for every weather and some rituals need to be changed or require slight alterations while incorporating. As I had shared special haircare tips for monsoons before, likewise the winter weather also demands special care and change in haircare routine, as well as products.
So today my dear readers, I will be sharing certain haircare hacks, using PBP haircare products, mixing them with some readily available, and highly effective ingredients from our kitchen shleves, to save our precious mane from suffering because of the winter chill.
Also, before that some basic tips to be followed in haircare during winters.
So let's begin :
* Avoid hot water for hair-wash in any season, and same goes for winters also. Only lukewarm water should be used for headbaths.
*Use of correct shampoo, as the scalp becomes dry, so does it's requirements.
*Indulge in nourishing hair-masks, once a week.
*Deep conditioning, using highly hydrating and moisturising hair creams, after every shampoo.
*Let hair dry naturally.
*Eat nutrient-rich, healthy diet.
*Limit the styling, which means less use of heating equipments meant for hair-styling.
*Oil treatments, preferably twice a week. Also called "Shiro Abhyanga" in Ayurveda, which describes the importance of blood circulation for scalp, as it is the furthest part of body and our heart pumps blood here, against gravity. Therefore, proper blood circulation is essential to provide oxygen to our hair roots in order to make them healthy and strong.
Following these haircare tips will take care of our winter woes for hair.
And when things can be taken care of, then, there is no reason why one should not have a good hair day, everyday, winters or no winters.
All it needs is a commitment, of adhering to your haircare regime, religiously.
Now come the winter haircare hacks :
•Add aloevera gel in PBP Onion hair oil and use it as an effective, nutrient-rich hair leave-on mask. Apply for 20-25mins, following up with hot towel steam procedure. 
Wash off with a shampoo suitable for your scalp type, and see the wonderful results.
•Add two spoons of PBP Good Hair Day conditioning mask with honey or mayonnaise, apply liberally and cover the hair strands. 
Massage gently, keep it for 40 minutes, following up with steam and then shampoo.
It helps tremendously in taming hair frizz, providing lustrous and soft strands, in winters.
•PBP Moringa powder hair mask can be added with whole egg, aloevera gel, castor oil, olive oil and some wine to make a power-packed hair mask.
Apply for 35-40 mins, and allow it to stay semi-moist during the whole duration.
If it starts getting dry, keep spraying some water to avoid it getting completely dry.
The reason for keeping it semi-moist is to make it easy to come off the hair while washing, else the residues tend to stay inside the hair strands.
The results are shiny, healthy and bouncy hair, for all to see.
•PBP Sampoorna hair oil can be mixed with brown sugar for exfoliating the scalp. Apply, exfoliate and leave for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with a suitable shampoo.
Our scalp needs exfoliation to provide oxygen to hair follicles, allowing new hair grow to happen.
Though sugar might need to be cut from the diet, the sweet crystals can be great allies for your hair health.
It helps in restoring the softness and shine, while reducing porosity and frizz.
It also seals the hair cuticles, putting an end to the dreaded split ends.
So this combination provides lubrication, nourishment and exfoliation for healthy hair. 
So my lovelies, try these haircare hacks and welcome the winter bliss, because :

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