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Oct 31, 2021


Priyanka Sarna

In my last blog, i wrote about skincare in winters, explaining the importance of double cleansing and exfoliating the skin during winter season. 
Taking forward the same topic, let's discuss about certain aspects where one is supposed to make few changes, in order to maintain a healthy skin and body during winter season.
Winter is a time when the temperature goes down, from mild to drastically low, which results in making the air colder, and as cold air has low humidity, it tends to rob the moisture out of your skin.
Winter days are mostly foggy and smoggy, either there is mild sunshine or a very strong sun, when the sky is clear, and both conditions affect our skin and overall body functioning, in not so very pleasing way.
Our skin generally becomes very dry, itchy and flaky during winter season.
And particular skin conditions like Eczema, Dermatitis etc. gets aggravated if proper care is not being taken.
In short, harsh winter weather can be damaging, uncomfortable and downright painful for your skin.
But it's not impossible to combat these weather changes and it's effects on us.
As there is always a cure for all weather inflicted conditions.
Now the next thought is, where does the cure lies ? 
And the answer to this is :
Cure lies in our kitchen, in our diet, in our lifestyle, and in our skincare habits.
And these are the aspects where one needs to make changes immediately, at the onset of winters.
So let's know few simple, but effective changes one can incorporate in one's life to counter skin related issues in winter season :
#Dietary changes -
Winter is a season when our body can be tended beautifully, with the intake of really nutritious food, which we can't afford to consume in any other season.
Our body's digestive abilities are more active and strong during winters, and it can tolerate heavy, nutritious foods, having warm characteristics easily. 
This not only helps to beat the cold and winter chills, but also imparts strength and nourishment internally, to sustain throughout the year.
There are certain food items which should be added, as mandatory, in one's diet, as they provide lubrication and moisture, naturally to our skin when consumed.
Food items to be included in one's diet are as follows :
• Nuts and seeds ( Flax seeds, walnuts, pistachios, sesame seeds etc.)
• Vegetables like broccoli, carrots and greens of all kinds.
• Dark chocolate.
• Fresh winter season fruits like oranges, guavas etc. which are great source of Vit. C.
• Intake of water, to keep the skin and body hydrated, relieving the excessive dryness.
All these food items are very supportive of giving a healthy and supple skin, lustrous and strong hair as well as strength to our bones and overall body.
#Lifestyle changes -
• Avoid very hot water baths. Hot water immediately robs the moisture and elasticity of skin, making it very rough, dry and itchy.
• Reduce the shower time, as the more time you are spending in shower, the more you are losing out on moisture from skin, as water dries up the skin moisture from outside.
• Use fragrance-free body washes and soaps.
• Invest in a Humidifier for your home to maintain the ample amount of humidity and moisture at your indoors, where you spend most of your time.
• Regular oil massages for body as well as hair will give optimum relief from dryness, and also provide lubrication, glow and relaxation to the body and mind.
• Spend sometime in sun, absorbing Vit. D naturally, which is very beneficial for body (bone health), skin and hair.
Also it provides with good hormones helping to lift up the mood, making us glow from the inside.
• Wear clean, appropriate, comfortable and non-irritating clothes, as woollens tend to gather dirt fast, leading to skin allergies if worn continuously, without washing. 
Some people are allergic to certain kind of woollens and fabrics meant for winters, so choose cautiously.
#Modify skincare regime -
• Switching to oils and oil based products in winters is the first step towards a healthy and correct skincare routine.
As in summers we opt for water and gel based products, likewise in winter one should go for oil and cream based products.
The best oils for skin, to be incorporated in winters are ;
* For dry skin - Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Olive oil.
* For acne-prone skin - It is common belief that in acne skin condition, one should, at all costs, avoid applying or massaging the skin with oils or creams, which is absolutely false.
Acne prone skin also needs moisture and hydration, moreso in winters, like any other skin types.
What's important is to know which oils are good for acne-prone skin.
And Hemp seed oil and Grape-seed oil are the best suitable for this skin condition.
* For Eczema and Dermatitis skin condition - Flax seed oil and Hemp-seed oil.
* For pigmentation and ageing skin - Rosehip oil works wonders to ease out wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation.
• Our lips are the most exposed parts of our face and the skin is the most delicate on our lips. Therefore, they are the most affected by harsh winters. 
Use of Butter Lip Balms will save the lips from getting damaged.
• Use of oil-based hand creams will protect our hands from extreme dryness.
• Following a regular AM-PM regime, using winter appropriate products will give maximum benefits.
• Applying packs and masks, made out of natural ingredients, readily available in our kitchen are the most effective remedies to counter harsh winter effects on skin.
Using of milk cream, ghee, avocado, honey, saffron etc. on our face and body, by adding different ingredients and making simple packs at home will add up to the natural glow and shine of our skin.
I myself is so keen on using these natural ingredients, which are like hidden gold in our kitchens, and with this thought PBP has created some wonderful skincare products, especially for wintercare, which are as follows :
#Ghee Cream, an excellent moisturizer to give instant hydration, shine and nourishment to skin, as good as applying pure ghee, a golden elixir, the ultimate remedy for dry skin in winters, and otherwise.
#Swarnaprabha, a facial oil, having the richness of pure saffron and a mix of various nourishing oils, meant for winters.
Our range of body massage oils, created to render body nourishment, treat any kind of body acnes, lighten and brighten the skin complexion, fading the skin marks, strengthening the bones and tighten the skin, and they are :
#Abha massage oil
#Mridula massage oil
#Ojaswini massage oil
Body exfoliatiant :
#Coconut and Shea butter body scrub specially designed for dry skin, leaves skin moisturized, soft and supple, by gently exfoliating.
So these are few of the PBP skincare products which will provide the right kind of care and nourishment during winters.
And now it's time to wind up this week's topic, with a thought that all of you will try and make these little changes in your diet and lifestyle, to cope up better in winters and be all ready to have a lovlier and healthier time this winter season.
As winter is a time to rest, nourish, heal and recuperate, so do keep this in mind always that,

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