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Winters and role of Oils in skin and haircare

Winters and role of Oils in skin and haircare

Nov 14, 2021


Priyanka Sarna

We as Indians, have grown up with certain rituals that are so intrinsic in our households, that they become a part of our lifestyle, our culture.We also belong to a country of Ayurveda, which got the world acquainted with this ancient Indian science of holistic wellness, inside out.
These priceless words of wisdom in Ayurveda defines the meaning of holistic beauty, which is inner, outer and lasting beauty.One that is reflected naturally, on the outer surface, from within.As we know winters have begun, triumphantly and with this comes it's effects on body, skin and hair.
In Indian households, oftentimes, we have seen our grandma's and mothers getting hold of growing up children, and applying oils on hair and body, a Sunday ritual, and used to make them sit out, in sun during winters. And those forced or will fully done activities of childhood show their benefits in our youth, when we realise and thank our elders for blessing us with the goodness of such rituals.
So let's talk about this today, benefits of oil in wintercare.
There are various kind of oils, extracted from fruits, flowers, nuts, leaves, bark, resin and roots, all in pure with minimal processing.Oils have a great significance when it comes to cleansing and moisturising the body.In peak winters, we all know that skin loses it's moisture, becomes dehydrated, and leads to roughness, itchiness, scaly and flakiness. Likewise the skin on scalp also becomes dry, increasing hairfall and dull hair.
To counter these winter related issues, the best remedy one can incorporate is massaging the scalp, as well as body with a fine quality oil, suiting to their skin type. Many of us don't have an affinity for these miracle potions that are a gift of our indian culture, simply because of the feel and at times the smell of certain oils.
But the good news is that there are a variety of oils available nowadays, thanks to the awareness and technology, which serves the purpose, without making us uneasy and turning the process of oiling into messy.
Along with natural & essential oils, use of face oils is a buzzword today, and why ?
Because face oils battles a number of skin issues, starting from pigmentation, dryness, scars, marks, wrinkles, uneventone etc.
Different oil works effectively for different skin issues, and why ?
Because oil helps the skin to hold moisture better, by softening the skin first, and then penetrating inside, providing optimum nourishment to the skin.There's a process, a ritual in Ayurveda, called Abhyanga, which simply means to massage the entire body, from head to toe, with warm oil.
In today's time, due to lack of time and means, it's common that everyone can't avail the luxury of getting Abhyanga done from a professional, nevertheless, one can always substitute this therapy with self-massage.
Let's figure out the benefits of massage :
* Imparts muscle tone
* Nourishes the entire body, decreases the effects of ageing.
* Lubricates the joints.
* Stimulates internal organs of body.
* Proper circulation and lymph drainage.
* Improved sleep patterns.
* Calms the nerves.
* Assist in elemination of impurities from the body.
* Enhances vision.
* Makes hair grow luxuriantly, thick, soft and glossy.
* Softens and smoothens the skin, wrinkles are reduced and disappear.
* Increases circulation.
The benefits of just a 15 minutes massage are tremendous, and in winters this can be obtained in maximum, because winter is a time when our body requires this kind of nourishment.In summers, due to the weather condition, our body is not as accepting of oil, as in winters.
The way our body needs a change in diet in winters, similarly our skincare needs and rituals need a change, with a change bin products as well.Keeping in mind all the benefits that one can avail by applying oils, PBP has shelled out its range of body massage oils, hair oils, and also face massage oils.
Here's a brief input about PBP range of oils :
#ABHA - Abha means luminosity. With the goodness of green-tea and vetiver, and almond and argan base oils. This oil is formulated to prevent pre-mature ageing, making skin smooth and shiny, also prevents body-acne, alongwith many other skin benefits.
#OJASWANI - Ojas means lustrous and bright. This body oil is created with orange and cinnamon oils, with a combination of sesame, almond and argan as base oils. Alongwith hydrating the skin, it heals wounds, cuts and burns. Treats body acne as will as helps the skin to regain eventone and shine by preventing from external damages like sun, wind etc.
#MRIDULA - Mridula is smooth and silky. This is an utra hydrating oil, perfect for extremely dry skin, consists of floral extracts of jasmine and mogra, with almond, argan and sesame as base oils. 
#SAMPOORNA - This oil is a one solution for all hair problems. A good massage and steam therapy will work wonders for your mane, specially in winters. Enriched with 26 potent herbs, this oil is highly therapeutic.
#ONION HAIR OIL - As the name suggests, this oil is created with a specially curated, potent formula that works on hair follicles, helping in controlling hairfall, as well as in generating new hair growth.
#SWARNAPRABHA - This oil is named Swarnaprabha, the golden hue, because it brings a golden hue to the face after regular massage. It is formulated in such a way that it is filled with anti-oxidants, activating the skin renewal, clearing of complexion, bringing a glow to the skin. 
#MIRACLE OIL LUXEMIST - A perfect facial oil for dry skin. Massaging with this oil will give ample hydration to last throughout, making skin soft, supple and glowing. It is created with 24 k gold particles along with a mix of many nourishing oils meant for the delicate skin on our face.
#MIRACLE OIL ENCHANTIST - For those having oily or combination skin, this works like a miracle. Again, enriched with 24k gold, this oil also provides moisturization as well as prevents signs of ageing.
These are the specially formulated oils in PBP skin, body and haircare range, designed with much research and study, with right combinations to ward off all kind of skin and hair ailments and issues, due to external factors (weather, water, sun damage), body constitution or age factors. 
One just need to try it to experience the goodness of these formulations, to have a lasting impact.
So today's tip isJUST ADD OIL
Because, "in ten, twenty or thirty years from now, your skin will show the results of how it was treated today.So treat it kindly and with respect."

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