Re-Register Yourself

Greetings Myoho Lovers

We hope that you are safe and in good health.

We wanted to let you that our website has been upgraded. Now you will have a better Experience along with some really cool new features. But before we tell you about them, we want to address that many customers might not be able to access their accounts. So, here's a little something we need you to do. You will have to re-register yourself on the new website with the same email you had on the earlier one. We know it's a little troublesome but don't worry, we have something for you in return. On re-registering yourself on the website, you will get 100 'Myoho Coins'




What is a 'Myoho Coin' (Our new Loyalty Program)

Well, Consider Myoho Coins as a new currency on our website. There are many ways to earn Myoho Coins as listed below.

  1. Like us on Facebook = 50 Myoho Coins
  2. Follow us on Instagram = 50 Myoho Coins
  3. Place an Order = 1 Myoho Coin for every Rs 1 spent.
  4. Celebrate a birthday = 300 Myoho Coins
  5. Re-Register/Signup = 100 Myoho Coins

Just make sure you complete the above tasks from your loyalty panel which you can find on the left bottom corner of the website as a 'Rewards' Button.

There are several ways to redeem these points as listed below.

  1. 2000 Myoho Coins = 3% Off Coupon
  2. 5000 Myoho Coins = 5% Off Coupon
  3. 7000 Myoho Coins = 7% Off Coupon
  4. 10000 Myoho Coins = ₹1,000 Off coupon

We will keep adding different ways to earn and redeem Myoho Coins over the period of time so, keep looking.


Where are my previous cashback?

Please note, if you had any cashback on our old website, those cashback will be transformed to Myoho coins. So, supposedly if you had ₹100 Cashback, your account will be automatically credited with 100 Myoho Coins. Just Make sure that you re-register on our website with the same email address you had on our previous website.


Where are my past orders?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to access details of any order that has been placed before 01 May, 2021. We wanted our website to be fresh and totally new for everyone. So, let's just say this is a fresh start for both you and us.


What else is new?

We are now accepting COD Orders. Yay..!!
Well, That's huge.
Many of our customers had been requesting us to enable COD on our website. We always try to respond to our customer's request. So here we are-You can now choose Cash on Delivery as a payment method while checking out. Once you check out, you will get an Order Confirmation call/SMS. Just press 1 to confirm your order.

Myoho Affiliates

You can use your favorite youtuber's/bloggers coupon code to get subsequent discount on your purchases just like you were able to do in our old website.